The Netherlands: eating well!

I am excited about Summer because I have lots of fun trips. I want finish write about Netherlands Trip. I have to be quick. I listen to a Oula music at movie in Oma’s house.  Matthan is not here. We have Morielle and we have fun days with Oma and Tantes and cousins.


We go to Tante Pien’s office. It is funny. Tante Pien’s office has a restaurant! It is very fancy. The students are cooks. The students are waiters too. They speak English to us. It sounds funny. The table is pretty. The food is pretty. The food is delicious! After lunch Tante Pien take us around the building. It is called tour. It is fun!




Morielle’s Turn.  Matthan cooked for Oma. So then it was Morielle’s turn! Guess what?! She made Chinese food! Yum. Morielle cooked at the cottage. Morielle and Mom chop at our cottage. I take photos.

At Oma’s house we made jaiodz dumplings. I did not make dumplings. I like clean fingers. I took photos. I Snap Chat with friends and Matthan. Oma helps make dumplings.  Tante Ellie helps make dumplings. I take photos. It is fun.



Dad’s Birthday we had Chinese take out food. I like Dad’s Birthday. Presents and funny songs. Oma make apple cake for birthday.  Cousin Tessa made cheese cake for Birthday.


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