November Craft Fair Weekend

Friday morning the Transition Conference was all done.  Afternoon was time to relax.  I wanted blog post about the Conference. No internet at home.  So my Mom and I went to the University Center.  I write blog post and I see friends on Campus. It is fun afternoon. Thank you friends to tell me links do not work.  Here is another try:

Assistive Technology

On Campus Activities without being a student

Show me the Money!

My Feelings pages in Health Care Transition Workshop.


Then my Mom said, `Okay, let’s go upstairs and find your table for the Craft Fair tomorrow.’

My table is #50. We found it!  My Mom said, `Okay, Mathalia, you have to remember! It will look a lot different.  After breakfast you come by yourself and you find Mom and Marilyn.’


And I did! Saturday morning I packed my lunch and pot holder bag and walked to the U-C and found my Mom and my friend Marilyn. Our booth was all set up and ready to go. `Thank you Mom!’

Marilyn sells Adult hats and Child-size hats. We had a fun day together. I saw lots of friends and sold lots of pot holders.


Grandma and Grandpa took us out for dinner at the restaurant! It was Chinese. It was delicious and a little bit spicy.

Mom was so tired. She said, ”Let’s skip Symphony and stay home.”

I said, ”No way! I want Symphony.”


I went by myself. Mom dropped me off. I gave my ticket. I found my seat by myself. I read the program by myself. I liked the music: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the  Beast. I saw my friend, Gingy. I said `Hi Gingy!’

After the Symphony, I called Matthan:

”This is Mathalia.”

`Hi Mathalia.  What do you want?’

`I want please pick up.’

`Okay, where are you?’

`I am at Symphony.’

`Okay, I will be right there. You watch for me from the window.’

Matthan brought me home.  Mom was sound asleep in bed.  So she got her sleep and I got my Symphony!  Thanks Matthan for the ride.

Sunday, I played games with Grandma and Grandpa.

Monday morning there was snow on the ground! It was crazy and I did not feel very good.  My Mom thought it was because I stayed up late to go to the Symphony.  Silly Mom it was not the Symphony it was the snow!


Made Fair!

The day  before the Made Fair I was ushering at MCT and my Mom was chalking lines for the Made Fair. I was Booth #92. She picked me up and before eating dinner, we checked out my booth space.

made fair2

X marks my spot!

In the morning it was so nice because Matthan took me to church and we were on time!  My Mom was a little late because she set my booth up.  And then more help came from Grandma and Grandpa while we were at church. With all the support I was able to usher at MCT, go to church and sell my pot holders at the Made Fair for the first time.


It was very a very fun day! I saw lots of friends. I saw swimming friends, Washington School friends, FFA friends, lots of friends. Many people dropped by my booth to tell me how much they like my pot holders!  Yes, they last and last through the washing machine and the dryer.  It was great fun!  We were under the tent and out of the sun and out of the rain. It was a great day! I love to sell my pot holders.


This time my Mom had me sell pot holders all by myself because I am an adult!  Usually she sits behind me and talks to the customers and helps me give change.  But this time I talked and I gave change on my own. It is easy:  with a 20-dollar-bill, I give three fives back; with a ten-dollar bill, I give one five dollar bill back. And with a five-dollar bill, I say `thank you very much.’  It is lots of fun to be independent. I feel smart and competent!


At home, after we had unpacked everything and put it all away, we were too tired and too hungry to count they money. So we ate dinner and went to bed!

On Monday I got up at my usual time and headed off to work at Prudential Missoula Properties and then to Oula Exercise class. My friend Rebecca came over for dinner on Monday evening.  And Tuesdays are my very busy day: hike `M’ with Mom, go to work at Bean & Boutique, go to Movie/Game Day, go bowling, call Mom and come home.  In the evening Morielle and Dad called from Xian, China! Wednesday night, after working at  The Writing Center, we had time to count the money: $100 dollars.  And do inventory to see how many pot holders I sold: 20.

I wrote a check to Mom and Dad for booth fees $55.00 and a check to Matthan for mission work: $45.00!  Then we took the money to the bank and put the pot holders back in the attic until the next market.  Maybe Matthan was a little disappointed in the amount of money, I don’t know. But I think it was a big success.  I had lots of fun AND I ran my booth all by myself!!


Christmasy Weekend

My Christmasy Weekend started with the violin recital at the Mall on Friday. I wore Matthan’s red `Santan’ hat and a Christmas dress. Heidi’s and Beth’s students gathered at the clock for tuning. We played lots of Christmas songs:  Silent Night, Away in the Manger, Joy to the World, The First Noel, Jingle Bells, and more.

The Noodle Express for dinner was so cold because the take-out window kept opening and letting in gusts of cold wind into the kitchen. All the employees were wearing hats and gloves if they could. My mom paid for my food this time because I forgot my purse. I was more concerned about remembering my violin and Santa hat than about my money.

Saturday we packed for the Big Sky Fiber Arts Guild meeting and Christmas Party: presents for the game, locker-hooking to work on keep my hands busy, rice and dessert for the potluck. I had so much fun seeing old friends and listening to their conversations that I did not get much locker-hooking done. My mom can listen and knit at the same time. I mostly do one thing at a time. Anyway, lunch was really good because I got to eat cow’s cheese and gluten foods like noodles and cookies. On Thursday Dr. Starbuck poked my finger and dropped my blood onto five little circles. In about two weeks I will find out what I can and cannot eat. In the meantime, I can eat anything I want to eat!

The present game went around the circle until I had the choice between my present (pot holders) and a very big present bag. Duh! That was an easy choice:  a Christmas goat! There was also some very pretty red wool and fun red yarn, labels to put in my handmade headbands and cowls, a book about natural dyeing, and a very nice basket to hold everything. My mom is excited about making me something very cute and very red. And I am excited about the Christmas goat. I named him Kanga!!

I took a short power nap in the car and then after dinner we were off to the Symphony. The Nutcracker music was a little different but I liked it. During intermission I voted for Jingle Bells. I was disappointed because they did not play Jingle because White Christmas won the prize. Still I enjoyed White Christmas.

At church on Sunday we had a mini-Christmas Concert by Dolce Canto and breakfast at the restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa. Another short power-nap and then off to the Writing Center Christmas Party! We played the present game again but this time the presents were not about fiber, wool and yarn, they were about `white elephant’ which means mischievous. I gave a `white rabbit’ and I got a elk call movie. Hah! It was very funny! I liked all the food and I liked seeing my Writing Center friends. I gave everyone a pot holder.

Adult Life: Make a Joyful Noise

On Friday we dumped Billings trip stuff on our living room floor and packed car with Art Fair stuff. My dad helped unload everything at church and then we got to relax at my favorite restaurant, The Noodle Express. Saturday morning it was rush rush rush and `hurry up Mathalia’s’ as we hurried to the Art Fair.

`Are you going to make pot holders during the Art Fair?’ my mom asked me.

`Yes, of course; I always make pot holders during Art Fairs. But in the end I only made half a pot holder because I was having so much fun! I love seeing old friends and talking to people. Face-painting and chili for lunch made this Art Far especially fun!

I did not talk to my mom much all day because she was busy walking around, talking to people and buying two necklaces. The jeweler next to us was a former student of hers. Can you believe that?  Wow! Germaine remembered my mom as very demanding, lots of fun energetic, and very inspiring in the classroom. I totally get the `demanding’ part. 🙂

Anyway, at the end of the day she was `demanding’ me to `hurry up’ and `be quick’ so that we could take power-naps before the Symphony. But I got her! I helped her slow down when I pointed to the wall and showed her the poster of Psalm 100: Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord.

`Mathalia! You have been sitting here all day enjoying the Art Fair, seeing all your friends AND giving thanks at the same time!  And I have been rushing around, watching the clock, grasping after the wind (think power nap). You can imagine what she was like in the car on the way home!

`Let’s work on our memory:

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!

Serve the Lord with gladness;

Come before His presence with singing.

Know that the Lord He is God. It is He who made us, and we are His.

We are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise!   . . . ‘

We don’t quite have the whole Psalm memorized yet. She just went off on her own:

Oh! So much for which to give thanks: old friends, new friends, Grandma’s pot holder trimming, Dottie’s face painting, Germaine’s encouragement, Sierra’s delicious chili, the Lord’s strength for this CRAZY Transition Conference-Art Fair-Symphony-Halloween Recital WEEK.’

My crazy silly mom! The poster was there all day and she never saw it. She got her power nap before the Symphony. And I chose to keep my pretty flower on my face.  I used to say `no thank you’ to face painting. But now I like it very much. I am very careful not to smudge it. So I would say there is still hope for my mom, too. 🙂

Homecoming: Art Fair Fun!

Last weekend was Homecoming at the University of Montana. I was excited about setting up my booth at the U-C Art Fair and selling pot holders again. The last time was almost a year ago at the Holiday Art Fair. My summer was so busy and fun with all my FFA activities that I didn’t take my pot holders to the market the whole summer!

Grandma offered to watch my booth while I went to the parade. So I got to sell pot holders and I got to go to the parade! I could not have done it all without my grandma and without my mom. I am afraid that my mom did most of the work getting ready but I took lots of pictures. 🙂 On Tuesday my mom tried to get me to help her count pot holders to check inventory. No thanks. On Wednesday she tried to help me pack the car with all the supplies for the table. No thanks. I  was all for taking pictures of the counting and the packing but not so much for the helping!

Thursday morning my mom didn’t even bother to ask me to help her set up my table. She got up early and was at the U-C at 6:00. Then she came home to eat breakfast and make her lunch and went back again to open up.  This was very nice of her but the only thing was that now the car was at home and she did not buy a parking pass. Hah! So I had to walk to the U-C carrying my pot holder bag and my lunch. My mom told me to hurry up and be quick. I did hurry up and I was quick but I guess I was not quick enough for her because around 10:00 she came to look for me. I don’t know why she did that?! I saw her coming around the Grizzly Bear on campus. When she saw me, she stopped walking so fast and furious and smiled and laughed at herself. Of course, I know how to get to the U-C. Silly mom!

I loved doing the Art Fair for three days! I saw so many many friends: Big Sky High School friends, Grizzly Pool friends, Writing Center friends, church friends, Math Department friends and new friends. It was lots of fun! Of course, I liked selling my pot holders but mostly I liked seeing my friends. I made some new friends: I traded my pot holders for a beautiful pink scarf. And I traded pot holders for a picture of a waterfall. And my friend Brenda gave me a new pair of mittens that she makes out of old sweaters.

On Saturday when we were all done, I did a much better job helping pack everything up and take it to the car. My mom was proud of me and grateful because she was very tired and wanted to get home so we could relax.

All packed up, we started to head home but we got stuck in a long line of cars!! The game was just over and I guess everyone wanted to go home at the same time. So you know what my mom did?!  Crazy mom! She said, this is great Mathalia! It is a beautiful day. We have been cooped up all weekend. Let’s walk home and enjoy being outside and getting some exercise. I will come back and get the car later. And so we walked home and I walked quickly because I was hungry!

A New Look

Last week my friend Christy came over to help my mom (and me) with my website. I was pretty excited because I wanted to hang out with Christy. Last year when she came over, I was in school so I missed out on all the fun! We got out the very pretty tea set from China that Morielle gave my mom for her birthday. I was hoping Christy would come early and my mom was stressed because she couldn’t remember everything Christy had told her last time. Silly mom!

Christy always has very interesting clothes and this time she had some very pretty gloves. I wanted to take a picture, of course. My mom served the tea and we chatted a little and then they worked on the computer. I was hanging out with them at the table. All of a sudden my mom jumped up, grabbed a couple of pot holders and her camera they went outside to take pictures. Crazy. I stayed inside and just watched from the window. Then my mom called into the house and suggested that I take a picture of them taking pictures. So I got my camera and then I had to put my shoes on. By the time I was ready, they were all done. But they went ahead and took some more pictures so for the photo. It was fun! I am very careful with my camera and with my routines like putting on my shoes so I can be a little slow. My mom is always telling me to hurry up but `hurrying up’ is just not my style!

They ran back inside and put the photos on the computer. Of course, I followed them and hung out with them at the table drinking my tea. Actually, I did not drink my tea. My mom was surprised when she was cleaning up to find my tea cup still full of tea.  `Did you have fun drinking tea with Christy?’  Yes, of course, I had fun drinking tea with Christy! It is not about the tea. It is about hanging out with friends and enjoying my adult life. Silly mom.

Anyway, they made some changes in the way my website looks. I hope you like it. In the process they tried a few things that did not work. In one try, they wrote a post and then later deleted it. But in the end they had success with uploading the pot holder pictures. They also added a Page called `Mathalia in the Media.’ It has links to the newspaper articles about me and a link to the television story about my swimming.

Senior Year Slide Show

My friend Rachel, my mom and I made a video to share at the Missoula Aquatic Club Banquet May 2013. My mom printed and cut up 100s of photos; I chose the ones I liked; I wrote the captions and then I typed them into the computer. I selected the music and my friend Rachel came over and put it all together. Today my friend Christy taught my mom how to upload it and embed it in a post. I am excited that I can share it!