Art Contest Again

art contesta1

Portrait I submitted.

I entered the Art Contest for young people with disabilities at the last minute. It was crazy doing the Made Fair and getting everything done for that contest but we did it!

The theme was `The Journey.’  The essay is too long but I copy parts of it for you to read. Along with photos of the pieces I submitted. Enjoy!

I wrote about how I `journeyed’ into the pot holder business; how my Mom put her hands on mine and made the pot holder at the beginning; and how gifts for teachers moved into actually selling them around town.

My tandem bicycle was my first major purchase. The tandem has opened up `The Journey’ experience to us. Some `journeys’ are simple as riding to the library or the post office; others are opportunities to exercise and get out of the city to enjoy the natural beauty around Missoula.

I `journeyed’ into the fiber arts for my Senior Project. I took a weaving class at Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners Conference. At the Conference I bought a kit for Australian Locker-hooking. My `Trinitarian Triangles’ piece demonstrates my `journey’ into joy. I went to the Conference intending to learn to weave. Unexpectedly I tried something new suggested by a vendor who took an interest in my endeavors. My Mom read the directions and helped me. Already I have made many trivets and the small wall hanging I submitted for this contest.


Trinitarian Triangles

This past year—my first year out of high school—has been `journey’ of discovery. I discovered that I respond unfavorably to many foods. This has led to `journeys’ into new recipes and ways of eating. I am also learning how to monitor my own physical and mental well-being by journaling. Keeping a journal is a way of tracking the `journey’ in thought and action. I love it. It helps me feel confident and competent as I `navigate’ into the unknowns of adult life.


art contest1

‘Sun and Moon”

I also began to explore photography with the camera my parents gave me. The photo I entered was taken in Antigua, Guatemala:  Sun and Moon. The cycle of work and rest; activity and refreshment; childhood and adulthood.  I love to photograph all of my `journeys’ from the exotic to the everyday: XinJiang, China to dinner in the oven .


My Mom was a bundle of worries this year as I transitioned into my `adult life.’ Yes, I was slow and uncertain and maybe a little sad to have high school be all done. She was worried. But I would like to tell her that it is a `journey.’ I am learning what it means to have so much free time and learn what I like to do with that time. I am on a `Journey’ and I am enjoying each step of the way.


I entered a photo of the scarf I dyed using fiber reactive dyes and ice! The process was unique and rather messy. When the ice was all melted the scarf was brown and muddy looking.  But . . . when we washed it and hung it to dry, it was beautiful.  And so it is a metaphor for `The Journey:’  the journey may be messy, uncertain, confusing but we know the Guide and can walk with Him in confidence and joy.  Thus my `Trinitarian Triangles’ piece shows that `Trust’ is part of `The Journey.’ My scarf sends me into `The Journey’ in style.


‘Journey in style’


Disclaimer:  Mathalia has a developmental disability which means that she is cognitively delayed. Her mom helped her write this essay. Her artwork is less a philosophical statement about the `Journey’ than it is a visceral response to her openness to the possibilities around her. She loves her life; she likes to try new things and meet new people even if that means she may be pushed out of her comfort zone. Her love of `The Journey’ encompasses a deep trust in the One who guides her each step of the way. Her artistic explorations and expressions are her way of saying: `I don’t know what it all means but the One who does holds me in His hand.’


June 1: one year of adult life!

Last year June 1, 2013 was my high school graduation!! Yesterday was exactly one year of Adult Life!! My Mom was crazy—she spent the day laughing or crying, silly Mom. I am happy to report that there is good progress with my Mom.

Yesterday she waited for me in the car—no nagging. No `hurry up, Mathlalia’s.’ We were late for Church, of course. Next Sunday, I am going to try to `be quick’ or ask for help.

At Church we read Psalm 100 and my Mom was being silly. I know Psalm 100.  It is one of the Psalms I memorized this year:


Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth!

Serve the LORD with gladness!

Come before his presence with singing!

Know that the LORD, he is God!

It is he who made us, and we are his;

We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise!

Give thanks to him; bless his name!

For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever,

And his faithfulness to all generations.

Then the Pastor made it worse by talking about the Apostle Paul: ` my strength is made perfect in weakness.’  My name, Mathalia, relates to that verse because it means: the LORD has shown his strength . . . through my weakness, the LORD shows his strength.

It was a very good sermon for my Mom: stop looking at the disability and look at the strength. Silly Mom! She keeps forgetting meaning of my name! I am glad the Pastor reminded her exactly on June first!


Anyway, this year on June 1st I played at my violin recital! It was really fun and my teacher said that she could tell that I was prepared and confident! This is because I have been practicing my violin.


I don’t always like to practice but I have been learning about `delay gratification’ which means: work first; play second. For example, this week I practiced violin and then I went to Oula Exercise Class.  My Mom says this is a very `adult’ choice.


I did it on Memorial Day too. I practiced violin and then I went ate hamburgers and played games with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma even had a present for me: a new puzzle.  My Mom said that I should NOT count on a present every time I practice violin. I won’t but it was a nice surprise cute cats watching a movie!

Anyway, the recital was very fun. Kaylie was a Senior! I said `Congratulations!’ Last people said `Congratulations’ to me. Senior is all done for me. Now I enjoy adult life. I saw my third grade teacher. She said, `Mathalia, your playing brought tears to my eyes.’ Oh dear, she is just like my Mom!

At home, I made my Mom laugh when I went outside to gather eggs. She said, `Silly Mathalia.’ I opened the door and one by one they all went out into the yard! My Mom chased them back into their hen run. She is getting very good at it!

Graduation Part Two

After the big graduation—the one where we did not see Matthan and the one where Matthan sat with the wrong school—we went to the School of Cinematic Arts. We wanted to meet Matthan and take pictures. But he was not there. We took pictures anyway—I was the star: Uncle Jeff wanted me to put my hands out in the shadow pretending to be a famous movie star or something. It was funny!


We walked back to Matthan’s house and there he was! I got to wear his lei and still. It was fun. My Dad and Uncle Jeff took a nap: Dad was tired from driving Uncle Jeff from saving seats at 6:00 in the morning! I ate lunch at Matthan’s house and then he left for photos with friends.

We went to the Shrine Auditorium for the next Graduation. In College you get two ceremonies in one day!! Pretty cool!  We were hoping to sit and rest in the air conditioning but the doors were locked: we scrunched up against the building to stay in the shade.


The Ceremony was very nice. I was listening and I paid attention when the speakers talked more about `adult life’ and about `feelings’ like disappointment.  They also talked about doing little things well and telling stories in movies. All very cool. My Mom said that I got the most important things.

Well, the most important was watching Matthan walk across the stage and receive his diploma. He was very small but we got to see him on the big screen.  I took a picture. It was fun!


After that we went to the reception at the School of Cinematic Arts. By the time we got there, the fruit was all gone so I ate a gluten-free bar from my mom’s purse. I took some photos of the food but I did not eat any. Dad and Uncle Jeff ate lots of goodies but I was very brave. I waited. Then we took some more photos around campus. Uncle Jeff found more free food: half a box of pizza! `Lunch for tomorrow,’ he said.

Pizza is not gluten-free. Matthan made a us a nice gluten-free supper.


I was very tired.  Matthan’s Graduation Day started very early in the morning. It was very hot. It was very exciting. It was very fun! I was exhausted!  Congratulations Matthan!


In the morning my Mom was being very silly: taking pictures of the hotel! Crazy! I guess she was feeling sad that we might never come back to this hotel again! We stayed in this hotel each time we visited Matthan because . . .  Now this is really silly. Because she knew how to get from USC to hotel. Well, this is not completely true because she has taken a few wrong turns these past four years but we never got in an accident: maybe it helped having a `Montana’ license plate on our car.

Matthan had all his stuff outside ready to pack into the van: bicycle, skis, books, boxes, lots of stuff. We said `goodbye’ `see you in June’ and we were on our way home again!



Matthan’s turn: 2014!

Graduation  Day: May 16, 2014! I had put this date on my calendar in September. And it finally came! The Graduation Website to arrive on campus at 6:00 a.m. No problem for me to get up at 5:15 because I was so excited.  I tried very hard to be quick: I ate applesauce in the car on the way to Matthan’s house. When we got there, Uncle Jeff had already left for campus. He saved chairs for us.  This gave us some extra time: Matthan had made some nice breakfast sandwiches for us to eat.


After the quick breakfast, it was rush rush rush: Dad dropped us off with the car and then we started looking for Uncle Jeff.  My Mom was confused about his directions: groupie section @ statue’s 4:30 for 40 meters. Fortunately we saw him with his hat so it was okay. Uncle Jeff and I hung out together taking silly photos while my Mom walked around taking her photos.

At 8:00 it was time for a bathroom break. My Mom put me in line at the port-a-potties and told me to stay put and save our place. I was confused and sort of lost wondering what she wanted me to do. Some people in line helped me and then she came back:


`I found an open door Mathalia! We can get out of this line and use a bathroom in a building. It will be nicer and faster.’

I said `goodbye’ to the friendly people who helped me stay in the line and then I had to stay close to my Mom otherwise I would get really lost!

Then we saw Matthan! with four friends! We were so lucky! There were so many graduates walking around but we saw him! I took a really fast photo before he rushed off with his friends.

My Mom told him, `We are sitting very close to the School of Cinamatic Arts, Matthan.  Maybe we will see you.’

`No, I am not sitting with my School.  I am going to sit with the School of Business.’

Oh, okay. So we did not see Matthan again and we don’t know if he stood up with the Business School—we did not see him stick out of the crowd of graduates when School of Cinematic Arts stood up. 🙂


The speaker had a nice speech and I tried to follow it. He talked about `adult life’ about `feelings’ and about gratitude.  My Mom said that I got the most important points.


At the end, the President had the students stand up and said, `I warmly salute you.’ And then they read some Latin and Greek which was something about the Kingdom of Troy will rise again. I know about this because last year we listened to the Iliad on the road to Los Angeles during Spring Break. And I have a picture with Matthan at Tommy Trojan Statue.  We took this photo when he was a freshman. Now—with Graduation—there was a long line of people for Tommy Trojan so we skipped the Senior Tommy Trojan photo.

Photo Library - 05318




Road Trip California!



I love road trips! Matthan’s Graduation trip was the best: almost 2500 miles! Four days driving and one fabulous Graduation Day! I loved it. May 16, 2014 was Matthan’s turn and I was ready to celebrate!

Baccalaureate was 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. My mom said we had to get there early in order to get a seat. So the race was on: MSO LAX!


`Can you get up at 5:30 a.m. Mathalia? You can sleep more in the car if you are tired.’

I was up and ready to go. I even skipped my usual breakfast routine which is not easy for me but I wanted to be on-time!

I sit with the driver on road trips and I have everything I need with me: looper bag to make pot holders; book on CD’s and book to follow along—this time Pride and Prejudice; my feelings book to keep track of bathroom-water breaks, feelings and activities.

When my Dad drives, I make pot holders and I take photos. When my Mom drives, we listen to the book and I take photos. It is all very fun!



After dinner at McDonald’s, I fell asleep in the car. My Dad woke me up at the hotel and pointed out our room. Well, it was dark and I got lost so he had to come and find me and show me the room.  I barely got settled in bed when my alarm went off and it was `hurry up, Mathalia, hurry up!’

More driving. I took photos of the Virgin River Canyon and my Mom took photos of me taking photos. Good thing my Dad was sleeping: he does not like it when my Mom picks up her `point-n-shoot’ when she is driving.  Breakfast at McDonald’s near Las Vegas in a Casino: Whiskey Pete’s was fun.


All those `hurry ups’ paid off because we got to Matthan’s house in time for a picnic lunch and a quick nap before we walked to campus for the Baccalaureate.  We were early: the doors were not open so we had time to take pictures and be silly.

We found a fountain and started to pose like the girl in the fountain. I made a new friend. I said: `Congratulations!’ And she liked our idea of fountain posing.


Matthan was in time for the Baccalaueate. I told him, `I am an adult.’  He said,

`You beat me, Mathalia! I am NOT an adult. Tomorrow after my Graduation I will be an adult.’  Silly Matthan.

We took a `selfie’ at Chipolte’s. It is easy to go to restaurants with Matthan because he knows gluten-free and dairy-free.  I just add egg-free on to that.


We got to our regular Los Angeles hotel and I was so tired!  But we made it: we were on time for the Baccalaureate at USC!

Early to bed and early to rise: `We need to be on campus at 6:00 a.m. for a good  seat.’


Adult life: Children’s Message

I like to talk to my mom in the car because then she really listens to me instead of telling me to `hurry up’ or do this or do that. Usually I choose the topic that I want to talk about which is why my mom has a notebook in the car: if she doesn’t understand what I say, I have to write it down. She also makes me finish my sentences. I usually introduce a topic by saying one word. She writes it in the notebook with a couple of blanks and then I have to fill in the blanks and finish the sentence. Only then will she  respond to my ideas. Hah! Let us hope that she is always safe when she drives and writes!

Anyway my last few months in high school we were constantly driving back and forth to Big Sky  and the Ag. Center. I was always talking about `Graduation‘. She would wait and wait for me to say more and `finish the thought’ as she likes to say: `I am excited about Graduation.’ Or `Graduation is June 1, 2013.’ Or `2013 is my turn.’ Full sentences like that make her happy.

When we were done talking about Graduation, she would start talking about `Adult Life’ beginning on June 2, 2013. One of her big ideas about Adult Life was the Children’s Message at church:

Mathalia, there is nothing wrong about your going up for the Children’s Message. You can go up there your whole life, if you want to do that. God wants all of us—no matter how old we are—to approach Him as a child.  BUT you might want to think about NOT going up for the Children’s Message to listen with the other children but staying with me in the pew and listening with all the other adults. I don’t want to tell you what to do. I just want you to think about it.

And so I did: I thought about it all during the month of May. I really liked going up for the Children’s Message; I liked listening to the Pastor; I liked listening watching the other children; I liked to hear their answers to the question. Sometimes the Pastor would take us around to look at the windows in the church. It was all very fun!

But on Sunday, June 9, I was excited to stay with my mom in the pew as one of my `Adult Life’ choices.  My mom did not talk about it that Sunday morning at all. She let me decide. I had done my thinking and I loved being an adult while I watched the children walk to the front. I think that my mom was a little sad or maybe we were having one of those `bittersweet’ moments: I was enjoying the `sweet’ part acting like an adult and listening from the pew; and my mom was enjoying the `bitter’ part acting like a `basket case’ during `Great is Thy Faithfulness’ which we sang right after the Children’s Message. Silly Mom.

On the way home in the car my mom explained why. She said:

We sang that song the Sunday after you were born, Mathalia. My mind was rather in a fog those first few weeks but I have the bulletin so I know: it was April 10, 1994. You were two days old. Certainly God has been faithful to you during your childhood for 19 years and 2 months. We sang it again today, the beginning of your Adult Life. He will continue to be faithful and give His `own dear presence to cheer and to guide.’ He will give `strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.’

Which reminds me of the poem I wrote after the Transitions conference in November. I  included it in my Creative Writing Class Poetry Book:


After the rain the sun

After the winter the spring

After the spring the summer

After the summer the harvest

This is the way of life

till the life be done;

After the preschool the kindergarten

After the grammar school the high school

After the high school the adventure

This is the way of life for everyone.

All we need to do abled or disabled,

Give thanks till the life be done

love is the way of life.

After the love, the thanks.

That’s it for now. I have many more `Adult Life’ stories to tell.

Senior Year Slide Show

My friend Rachel, my mom and I made a video to share at the Missoula Aquatic Club Banquet May 2013. My mom printed and cut up 100s of photos; I chose the ones I liked; I wrote the captions and then I typed them into the computer. I selected the music and my friend Rachel came over and put it all together. Today my friend Christy taught my mom how to upload it and embed it in a post. I am excited that I can share it!

`The end of a thing is better than its beginning.’

Today is the first day of school in Missoula AND it is the first day that I will not be going to school. I am not sad. I am happy. My Mom calls it `bittersweet’ which is fine for her to say but really I am not sad; I am happy. Since I don’t have school, I am catching up on my blog posts and I thought that today would be a good day to publish this post about finishing high school and starting adult life.

I graduated from Big Sky High School on June 1, 2013. So my last day of school was Thursday, May 30. We Seniors did not do much school work that day:  we checked out with all of our teachers; we had the last assembly, a Senior Award Assembly and we had a last school lunch which turned out to be a picnic in the gym because it was raining. I did not get an award but my teachers WyAnn and Matt gave us each a graduation card with a U-Swirl gift card inside. My mom took lots of pictures getting on the bus in the morning and when the bus came to drop me off in the afternoon. At home I unpacked my school backpack for the last time.

Friday, May 31, was no school for me so I made pot holders while Uncle Jonathan and Grandpa were banging on the roof and carrying shingles and tools up to the attic. My mom was so thankful to get the roof fixed. At 1:00 we left for graduation practice at the Adam’s Center:  `Be safe and be wise this weekend; we don’t want any shadow cast over 2013 Graduation; and you all know what I mean,’ said Mr. Paulson. Then we practiced walking together in and out of the auditorium.

After that I had my Senior Violin Recital. I played `Go Tell Aunt Rhody’ with my teacher, Heidi, accompanying me. My mom was being silly `giving thanks’  and she was taking lots of pictures. After that we met everyone at Five Guys for supper:  Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Laura, Schyler, Olivia, Bremen, and Uncle Jeff all came to Missoula for my graduation! Later at Grandma’s house we played games and Grandma asked Olivia to play the piano. She played `It is Well with My Soul’ which was more for my Mom than for Grandma, I think. She cried and gave thanks for the reminder:

. . . when sorrows like sea billows roll . . . or when uncertainties like sea billows roll;

Thou has taught me to say, `It is well with my soul.

Just enough time for that song and then we had to go home and get to bed early because Uncle Jeff wanted to go out to the Ag Center early in the morning before Graduation.

After Graduation, I took a little nap before the Senior All Night Party but Sunday, June 2nd I was still pretty tired from the party and all the excitement. I slept in a little and I was a little slow with my morning routines but I still wanted to go to church. My mom said that it would be okay to skip church and rest: NO WAY! When I said that, she suggested that I leave my oatmeal and finish it after church so that we could be on time for the Worship Service. NO WAY!! I was not going to leave my breakfast uneaten!! Of course, I wanted to  be `on-time’ for church but I also had to finish my breakfast so she just waited for me in the car. And we were late—somehow I guess I thought I could finish my breakfast AND be `on time’ for church. My mom said this was a very cool `adult’ thing to learn. So I started writing in my adult life `Trust in the Lord’ notebook:

• sometimes the clock tells me to just `leave it’ for later so that I can be on time.

That’s it for today but I have lots of `adult life’ stories that I want to write about when I have time.

Guatemala here we come!

I graduated from high school on June 1, 2013 and my adult life started Sunday morning on June 2nd and now I am getting ready to go to Guatemala!! On Friday, June 21 my mom says that I need to get up at 4:00 in the morning so that we can get to the airport by 5:00 and catch our plane at 6:00!  I am so excited!! The trip is a graduation present to me from my grandma and grandpa: they are sending me and my mom and my cousin Schyler and his family and my Uncle Jeff on a short mission trip: we will build a house for a family with Casas pro Cristo. My brother, Matthan, and my sister, Morielle, have already done this and now it is my turn!!

So in many ways my life right now is in between adult life and Senior graduation activities. Maybe it should be called young adult fun life because I am still enjoying being a Senior: I get to go on this trip and I get to work with my animals everyday and take them to the fair in August and I get to enjoy all kinds of fun summer activities. Yes, I am still making my pot holders and working at Prudential and at the Writing Center but I am also doing lots of other fun things! It is crazy! I will write all about my activities when I get back from this trip but for now I will show you pictures of packing and getting ready. I also wrote a blog post about an art contest that I entered but for now my other activities will have to wait until I get back. That is all for now!  I have to go out to the garage to find a hammer, tape measure, and tool apron for my Uncle Jeff and then I am off to bed!

Graduation Day!

My Graduation Day was wonderful!  We started the day by getting up early so we could take Uncle Jeff to the Ag Center before breakfast. It was crazy but he wanted to see Domino and my chickens. My mom was very thankful that the gate was open so we did not have to climb any fences. Uncle Jeff got distracted by the pigs—he loves pigs because he had a pig project when he was in FFA. We got Domino out of his pen and walked around a little but we did not have much time because we had to get home and get ready for the BBQ and get to Graduation on time. My mom had chopped up the treats Domino did not eat last time but this time when they were in small pieces, he gobbled them right up. Then I gave him a regular-sized treat and he chewed it up! My mom said that it was because now he knew how good they were. Then Uncle Jeff started giving Domino’s treats to the pigs and to the goats! I thought it was about time to visit the chickens! But the chickens were were very pecking and pushy. I don’t know if they are like that every morning. Maybe. We could not even get in the door of the chicken coop because they were all pushing and pecking at us trying to get out AND some got out were fluttering around the barn and under the porch. My mom and Uncle Jeff tried to catch them and put them back with their friends. My mom caught a few of them—she is getting very good at catching chickens. Uncle Jeff was impressed. But then we had to go. We saw Mr. Andres and he said that the chickens would be just fine—they like to get out and then they like to go back with their friends.

Uncle Jeff meets Domino and shares treats.

Uncle Jeff meets Domino and shares treats.

So we said `goodbye’ to the chickens and headed for Rosaurs to pick up my graduation cake.  And then at home it was rush rush and `be quick Mathalia’ `be quick’ all the while my mom was scrambling to get ready for the BBQ after graduation. It was CRAZY. But she still had time to curl my hair and help me look nice. Finally we were out the door and on our way! My mom wanted to walk to the Adam’s Center so that we could relax and `enjoy the moment’ as she likes to say. I wanted to wear my gown and she took lots of pictures of my walking to my graduation. At the Adam’s Center my friend Tara helped me with my tassel and the white collar. Then my mom said `goodbye’ and `have fun’ and she went off to save good seats for everyone. My teacher WyAnn came in and took a picture of me with my friends Ashley, Dustin and Megan. She was a little sad that we were leaving Big Sky High School.

Then we got ready and put ourselves into the right order to go in. The Ceremony started right at 12.30. The teachers went in first and then we went in. We followed my friends Kate and Ana into the Adam’s Center Arena. My line followed Kate. I was so excited!! We did not sit down because it was time for the Star Spangled Banner. I liked it a lot. Maybe The Star Spangled Banner was my favorite part except the part about getting my diploma. Then we listened to speeches by my friends and a speech by Governor Schwitzer. He talked about his favorite teacher and how he wanted to go to Argentina and travel many places in the world and then he came back to Montana to serve Montana as Governor. He encouraged us to travel the world and then come back to Montana because Montana needs you is what he said. I wanted to tell him that I am going to Guatemala for a mission trip after graduation. Then it was time to get our diplomas. My last name starts with `S’ so I was in the second section. I went up with my row and I saw my mom, grandma and grandpa, Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Laura, Olivia and Bremen. They were waving to me. I didn’t wave back. I was paying attention. Ms. Helmer said my name very nicely:  Mathalia Adrianna Stroethoff—she got the `strut-hof’ part right which made my mom and dad happy. I was just happy to get my diploma and shake hands with people. I got to shake hands with my friend Michael on the stage and then they took my picture and then I got a little mixed up about how to go back to my seat but my friends helped me find my way. At the end of the ceremony, I threw my hat up in the air because I was so excited and happy and proud! And then it was over. I went out with my friends and there were lots and lots of people. My friend Brook helped me find my family. Then we took lots of pictures just like we did when it was Morielle’s and Matthan’s turn. Uncle Jonathan was being really crazy during the pictures because grandma asked him to try to distract me—she did not want me to smile for the camera.  Silly grandma. I talked to friends and took pictures with lots of friends and then we walked to the car and went home. My mom and dad and everyone were getting the BBQ hamburgers ready. This is when I found out that Schyler was sick and could not come to my graduation which is so sad. It is so sad to be sick when you go away on a trip.

We ate the delicious dinner of hamburgers, green beans, fruit salad, chips and, of course, ketchup! Then my mom brought out the cake:  blue and gold for Big Sky and graduation caps and a little diploma with my name on it in frosting. We took lots of pictures and everyone was being silly trying to get me to smile or not smile, I was not sure. Then I got to open my cards and presents. I got lots of money and some cool stuff like a new puzzle, a graduation picture frame, a workout outfit for the gym, and my parents gave me a camera. I kind of knew that was coming because my brother and sister both got a camera for their graduation. Then my mom asked me if I wanted to take a nap, yes!

I woke up just before Ally came to pick me up for the Senior All Night Party. She brought me a present too—a picture of the two of us at Big Sky last year when she was a Senior. I like it very much and put it up on our picture shelf. I got to ride in her little truck and my mom and Uncle Jeff followed because they wanted to see what the party was like. I remembered the tickets and then we registered for the GoKarts. While we waited, we played funny games like hit the fish with a bat; ride the motorcycle on a video road; dance on the spots on the floor and ball games. I saw lots of friends and I had lots of fun!  Finally, it was our turn to ride the GoKarts. I found a helmet and everyone helped me get into the Kart and then it was time to go. At first I was kind of scared and I went really really slow but the second time around the track I was going faster and then I bumped into the wall. One of the workers came to help me get unstuck and ready to drive again. I bumped into the wall a couple of times and so they helped me and Ally’s Kart broke down so they got her a new Kart. I went around the track twice and I think Ally went around 3 or 4 times, I am not sure. Anyway, it was really fun. My mom took some pictures and then she and Uncle Jeff said `goodbye’ to us. Ally and I played more games and tried some LazerTag I think it is called. Anyway, the last game was just too exciting for me and it did me in so Ally brought me home after that.  What a full, fun, fabulous Graduation Day from walking Domino to driving a little car and in the middle receiving my high school diploma.