About the Website

Mathalia’s older sister, Morielle, set up mathaliaspotholders.com July 2012 and then she left for Shenzhen, China for her first full-time job. The site stood dormant for a long time. Occasionally I would hire our `website’ friend to help me post something but it was not until I decided to use my weekly `weekend notes’ to teachers on the website did it really take off. For years I had been emailing teachers about Mathalia’s activities outside of school so that they could interact with her about her personal life: she did not share these things and often when she did talk, she was misunderstood.  From school staff, I heard many a fanciful story about Matthan moving to Alaska and Morielle coming home from China for the weekend. Hah! So in an effort to have teachesr communicate truthfully with Mathalia I began recounting her activities to them in a weekly email. Suddenly in the middle of her Senior Year, I stopped feeling guilty about not having enough time to work on the website and discovered that I already was doing the work: weekly weekend notes. I just had to ask Christy to teach me how to post them.

Mathalia in the press, look at page 30: http://apostrophe.journalgraphicsdigital.com/win12/


3 thoughts on “About the Website

  1. I was happy to meet Mathalia and her mother at the Missoula Farmer’s market. I am the proud, new owner of 2 of these great potholders. They are fluffy and soft and come in fabulous colors to match any decor. I went with rainbow, since it’s a favorite of mine. Thank you!

  2. I have had a pair of your potholders for over a year now (a friend of mine gave them to me) but I had no idea who made them. WOW Mathalia, I love those potholders!! What a great idea! Will look for you next year at the People’s Market.
    Good luck for you business 🙂
    (I am Sarah’s mom. Sarah who went to confirmation with you.)

  3. Thank you Sarah’s mom. The same think happened to my Creative Writing teacher: my mom gave her a pot holder at the parent-teacher conference. She was so surprised! `I have been buying these for years at The Good Food Store thinking they were from some Free Trade Market and now you are telling me that Mathalia, my very own student, makes them! Wow! I had no idea. I am going to buy some more.”

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