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Found Morielle!

I catch bus!  I go to train station. Mom and Uncle Jeff buy train tickets.  I sleep in train station.  I eat breakfast at McDonald’s:  Egg McMuffin!  I go on train.  I work word search with Uncle Jeff.  Train is all done! I find Morielle!  She looks funny.  Silly wig!  We go to the party.  I like music and play present game.


Morielle finds the chocolate in the suitcase full of treasures!

Fly to Morielle!

Dad picks up and takes us to the airport! Goodbye Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. We are off to visit Morielle with Uncle Jeff. In Dallas I eat scrambled eggs and bacon and strawberries. Mom sneaks some peanut butter. Hah! Not much peanut butter in China. I watched Frozen, Mama Mia, La-la Land and Into the Woods.

Very old suitcase full of treasures for Morielle: peanut butter, coffee, cheese and chocolate!

American Airlines: living the dream!

Follow Uncle Jeff: he knows the `stand-by’ tricks.










We got boarding passes sitting together!







Very fun airplane slippers.







Up and over the top of the world!