Walls Go Up 2015!

Tuesday morning the cement was all dry! We could stand on it. Brandon had circle-up morning talk on the new cement.  It looked beautiful. Because we were so fast on Monday we already had some walls ready to go onto the cement.  I helped carry the walls to the house.  And then we held them in place while Brandon made sure they were straight before they were firmly placed.  Then I helped Uncle Jonathan measure the boards for the siding.  And I helped carry the siding to the house 4′ long pieces and 8′ long pieces.  I also showed my new friends how to make pot holders.  And we played Memory together.  At the end of the day when there was not much to do, I watched Heather make very cool wooden animals for the kids to play with.  She cut little pieces from scrap boards and then nailed the pieces together and then drew faces and spots and things on the animals.  They looked real:  cows, sheep, ducks, dogs.  It was funny.  I took a photo.

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