Special Olympics: State Games 2015

Special Olympics State Summer Games 2015 were in my city this year. It was exciting. The fun started on Tuesday with BBQ at Osprey Stadium hang out with friends, listen to Oula music take photos, watch torch run.

On Wednesday I did fun things with Mom at U-M. There was drumming — I said ”No drum.” My Mom tried to help me change my mind, ” ”No drum”. So she tried drumming – – which was very funny. She has no rhythm. I took photos but no drum for Mathalia.

Then I saw FFA friends. I saw goats! I was thinking about Kanga.  I was excited to hold a goat and remember Kanga   and my lamb. Domino FFA is all done. I am an adult. I still like all the animals.

I try hula hoop. It was funny. I find free stuff cute hat, toys, sunscreen, Chapstick. I see Yellow stone animals and photos.

I go to BBQ at U-M hamburger, chips, fruit, water. I go to opening Ceremonies. I line up with friends. I hang out with Maddie and Michael. They hang out a fancy lights to wave around. I go into Adam’s Center. Little girls hold purple scarf with music and dancing. And there was fire with Olympic Torch. We sang the Star Spangled Banner. We listen music and talking. I wave my light around. It was pretty fun!

Thursday morning I go to the Grizzly Pool. I hang out with friends. Sheri and Tina. I am so excited. I was so excited I did not want to eat lunch. But then I got hungry and I changed my mind. I eat lunch at Grizzly Pool. I swim two races. I win two medals sliver and bronze. I swim 50 free and 100 free. I see lots of friends MAC friends, Hell gate

friends, Adult Coached Swim friends, life guard friends, YMCA friends, Church friends. It was really fun!

Swimming was all done! I changed my clothes. I want drumming. I changed my mind but drumming was all gone. I missed it! Disappointed.

At home I changed my clothes for dinner and dance! Dinner was so delicious.  Grandma friend made dinner fruit salad, corn, pulled pork, dessert. Yum!

I go to the dance with friends. I was faster than Mom. I found dancing all by myself. I never took a break – – no photos with miss Montana or miss Rodeo Montana, no Carnival games. I danced 2 hours until it was all done!

It was so fun! Friday I was little bit late for Opening Ceremonies. I heard Star Spangled Banner while we were riding the tandem.  I hang out with friends. I say ‘ Good luck ” have fun. I got my goodie bag. I say ‘good bye’ and I went to my Pilates class. Special Olympics is all done!

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