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Matthan’s Last Day

We had four days with Matthan in The Netherlands. The last day was a lazy relaxing time in the cottage: Mom wanted to take a family photo because we were all together. It was closed or silly faces or things sticking out of Matthan’s head. Finally Mom was happy with photo and then we could eat lunch.


After lunch we went to the Windmill Museum but it was closed. I was disappointed. It was okay. We had fun. We took silly photos. Morielle posted on Facebook and tagged me. So that my friends could see that I was in The Netherlands.


We went to Oma’s house for delicious dinner and ‘good bye’ for Matthan. At the cottage. Dad and Matthan and Morielle go to the airport. I and Mom go to bed.


In the morning Matthan was not there! I was so sad. Mom said, ”Let’s give thanks for four days.”

Breakfast without Matthan.

Breakfast without Matthan.