Visiting The Hiding Place

Day after New Year’s Day was very full and exciting! First we drive to Haarlem. We want to find Corrie Ten Boom’s house. We get lost. It’s is okay. Mom tries to practice her Dutch. Hah! very funny. We park and walk to the house. We are early. We eat lunch outside and take lots of photos. It is fun.

Then we start the tour. I know it all because I watch the movie at home in Montana.  I see Papa’s photo. I see I clim up the stairs. I go into The Hiding Place just like in the movie. I come out in the wall. It is very small cupboard. It was very sad and it was very happy. The six watches or Jewish friends are okay.


Then we go to the Art Museum. It is very funny. Well, it is many feelings, angry, sad, lonely, disappointed, happy. I have a worksheet: find the feeling and I do: I match the painting with the worksheet and then I write the feeling. I am very good at this because I write in my feelings notebook.


Morielle and I play ‘ feelings’ game in the Museum. Dad is still looking at paintings and Morielle is bored. So I take her photo and I say the feeling. Then she takes my photo and I have to show the feeling. ” Mathalia –don’t laugh — show sad!”



Then I go to the bowling with my most of Dutch family. It is very funny! I listen to Oula Exercise Music. I played bowling ball. I am very good. I am better than Mom because in Missoula I have bowling every Tuesday!



I go to Oma’s house. Ids made a very fancy cake. It is so pretty and so delicious. A very fun day #2 with matthan.



2 thoughts on “Visiting The Hiding Place

  1. Looks like it was such a fun day! I love the idea of writing how each painting makes you feel, that’s so neat. I especially love the photos of you and Morielle playing the ‘feelings’ game! 🙂

    • Dear Catie,
      I like feelings museum. Take photos with Morielle. I watched Movie at museum. I worked dust 50 colors. Nutcracker with Andie on December. Mom go to the Kirsten’s house.

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