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Visiting The Hiding Place

Day after New Year’s Day was very full and exciting! First we drive to Haarlem. We want to find Corrie Ten Boom’s house. We get lost. It’s is okay. Mom tries to practice her Dutch. Hah! very funny. We park and walk to the house. We are early. We eat lunch outside and take lots of photos. It is fun.

Then we start the tour. I know it all because I watch the movie at home in Montana.  I see Papa’s photo. I see I clim up the stairs. I go into The Hiding Place just like in the movie. I come out in the wall. It is very small cupboard. It was very sad and it was very happy. The six watches or Jewish friends are okay.


Then we go to the Art Museum. It is very funny. Well, it is many feelings, angry, sad, lonely, disappointed, happy. I have a worksheet: find the feeling and I do: I match the painting with the worksheet and then I write the feeling. I am very good at this because I write in my feelings notebook.


Morielle and I play ‘ feelings’ game in the Museum. Dad is still looking at paintings and Morielle is bored. So I take her photo and I say the feeling. Then she takes my photo and I have to show the feeling. ” Mathalia –don’t laugh — show sad!”



Then I go to the bowling with my most of Dutch family. It is very funny! I listen to Oula Exercise Music. I played bowling ball. I am very good. I am better than Mom because in Missoula I have bowling every Tuesday!



I go to Oma’s house. Ids made a very fancy cake. It is so pretty and so delicious. A very fun day #2 with matthan.



New Year’s Day Dive

New Year’s Day 2015. Matthan was there! I was so excited. I took pictures of Matthan sleeping and eating. We were having so much fun that we were late for the big New Year’s Day Dive into the North Sea!


Morielle, Matthan and Dad wanted to do it. Mom said ‘no way!’ And stuck with Mom and my camera. Lots of cars and lots people driving to the beach. And then 2:00 p.m. everyone running into the North Sea.


Oh! It looked so cold. Well, it was cold. I was cold and I had all my clothes on and my hat and coat on.  I took lots of photos of shivering people.  And the lucky people in the hot tub.

Then it was all done. Dad, Morielle and Matthan wanted to go home to take a shower.  But we could not find the car. Dad lost the car. He was so excited to get into the ocean that he forgot where he parked. Silly Dad. We were looking and looking for the car and getting colder and colder.


Finally when the parking lot was almost empty, we found our car! Well, it is Oma’s car but we were using it.  Back at our cottage everyone took a warm shower. Than we sang Christmas songs together. We went to Tante Ellie’s house for talking, cooking and more photos.


We went to Tante Pien’s house for special Dutch New Year’s Dinner: mashed potatoes, meatballs, salad, dressing, dessert. Geluckig Nieuw Jahr is how you say it in Dutch. Which means Lucky New Year. We had lots of fun together. I set up snapchat with my cousins and my Mom tried to take a photo of all the grandchildren and then everyone . . . but we were missing Jilt because he was working.  Too bad.  Uncle Marc said he could `photoshop’ him in.  That’s good because I do not know how to photoshop people in. And I am sure that my Mom does not know how to do it either.  Anyway, lots of fun and photos with our lovely family in the Netherlands.