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Christmas Travels

Christmas Eve morning I did not wrap presents or make candy. I packed my bags and drove to Seattle with my Mom and Dad. I made pot holders in the car. I took pictures of winter. I even ate lunch in the car.


After the hotel, I go to the restaurant. I eat dinner with Mom and Dad: chicken salad. I missed Christmas Eve service at church. I was disappointed. I listen to Christmas Eve Service in the car on the radio with Mom. It was better than nothing.


Christmas morning we went to the airport. I eat breakfast really fast in the hotel. I wait for airplane. I make a new friend. She made me a present right in the airport on Christmas morning: a Frozen Necklace. Thank you! Very pretty. I eat Christmas dinner at the Philadelphia airport.


The new hotel was fun and relaxing: I eat nice breakfast at hotel; I work on blog post about being so sick and going to Symphony with Uncle Jeff; I hang out in lobby taking photos of Christmas decorations. It was fun.


Finally it was time to go to airport. I eat dinner at McDonald’s. I wait for airplane. We got a seat. On this airplane they gave us food!  I love airplane food! They gave us dinner and then I take a nap.  After the nap, they gave us breakfast and then we were there. Tante Petra and Tante Pien picked us up: The Netherlands!