Feeling Better Now!

I liked Thanksgiving 2014 very much but I was getting a little sick. I even had to stop playing games and lie down and rest at Grandma’s house.  I am thankful that I felt good enough to eat turkey and mashed potatoes but after that I was not good.

On Saturday I found out I had pneumonia. I had to take lots of medicine and I had to skip work and all my fun activities.  I was disappointed.  I took the week off.  I wanted to stay up and do fun things but my Mom wanted me to rest.  Sometimes I got to walk around the block.  I walked to my friend’s house. I took photos of her Christmas decorations.  I listen to Emma. I fall asleep.


Grandma gave me a new puzzle.  I fall asleep. My Mom finished the puzzle.  Silly Mathalia.

My friend Rona came to visit. I want to talk. I fall a sleep.  My Mom took lots of pictures of me falling asleep.  I wanted to do my fun activities. My Mom thought my falling asleep was funny.  Sometimes the camera woke me up and sometimes I sleep more.


I want get better.  My Mom says, `please rest.’  Take a nap.  I do not want nap but sometimes nap happened anyway.

After one whole week of being sick, my Mom asked me, `Do you want to go to the Symphony with Uncle Jeff?’  Of course I want to go to the Symphony with Uncle Jeff.  `Do you feel better?’   Of course, I feel better.  I want Symphony!

She said, `Okay.  But you have to take a nap.’  I took a nap and I got to go to the Holiday Pops! Concert with Uncle Jeff.  It was very fun!


Then on Monday she said that since I was sick, I might as well as get even more sick at the dentist.  Get it all done in one very bad week!  So I had to skip work again.  I was very disappointed.  I went in to see my job coach, Chelcey, and tell her `I feel better.’  And `I have to go to the dentist.’  She said I was very brave.


At the dentist I got some very cool glasses.  And I was very brave.  My mouth felt funny and I was eating only applesauce and noodles.  It was soft and delicious.  Now my mouth feels all better.


I was very thankful when I went back to work.  I see my friends. I go bowling. I go swimming. I go to Oula Class. I go to Pilates Class. I go to Bean & Boutique. I go to The Writing Center. I go to Prudential.  I go to the Mall Recital.  I go to the Christmas Recital.  I feel better!

One thought on “Feeling Better Now!

  1. I’m so sorry that you were sick! I’m glad that you are feeling better now. That’s no fun. I’m glad your mom took pictures of you sleeping in all your interesting places. I can’t sleep in those positions!

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