Missoula Transition Conference!

Sierra just finished her presentation about Depression and Disability. It was so sad. Now she feels better. She has a new house and a new job for speaking about mental health. I took pictures of Sierra. I like to hang out with Sierra and my Consumer Advisory Council friends. It was a fun Conference.


Wednesday started with a presentation about tools for independence at work. I like to present with Isaac and Theresa. I talked about my destination box.

Link to my PowerPoint that I presented in the workshop, Tools to help me be independent at Work:





Then I presented with Danielle, Sierra, Theresa, and Kim. They talked about going to college. I talked about things to do on Campus besides studying.  I work and exercise on Campus.

Link to my PowerPoint that I presented in the workshop, So You Want to Go to College:


Thursday morning we had our Consumer Advisory Council meeting.  I wore my Guatemala dress to show my friends.



In the after I helped with Show me the Money workshop. We played Bingo.

It was fun.

I presented with Tracy and Maclaen.


Link to PowerPoint for our Bingo game slide show for the worship `Show me the money’



My last presentation was my favorite. I was in the bathroom just before I was to present and the fire alarm went off!  It scared me—such a loud beeping.  My Mom had to come get me to go outside.  I hung out with Heather and showed her my portfolio.  She showed me her wedding pictures.  I love wedding photos: such a pretty dress!

Then it was time for the last workshop of the day. I showed my feelings notebook in Health Care Transition Workshop with Isaac and Kim.

I remember to drink water and go to the bathroom by myself. I looked smart and competent. I saw lots of Big Sky friends. I saw Weston who is a Senior. He will graduate 2015! I ate lunch with mom and old friends.  High School is all done for me.

We talked about Adult life choices.


My last presentation about my Feelings Notebook in the workshop:

Transition from Pediatric Health Care to Adult Health Care









4 thoughts on “Missoula Transition Conference!

  1. Hi Matalia, The conference you attended and at which you presented looked SO interesting and informative. I clicked on all the Dropbox links to learn more about what you had said. However, I wanted you to know that only the “show me” one came up on my computer. The other two said “Problem Loading – Server not found”. Just wondering what the problem is?

    The 21 page one I did read was amazing and were it not so long I would print it out to share with my grandkids – VERY important and helpful info.

    Enjoy your weekend. Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy,
      Thank you for telling me that the links did not work. We will try again! Show me the Money” was really fun because it was a Bingo game and there were prizes.

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