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November Craft Fair Weekend

Friday morning the Transition Conference was all done.  Afternoon was time to relax.  I wanted blog post about the Conference. No internet at home.  So my Mom and I went to the University Center.  I write blog post and I see friends on Campus. It is fun afternoon. Thank you friends to tell me links do not work.  Here is another try:

Assistive Technology

On Campus Activities without being a student

Show me the Money!

My Feelings pages in Health Care Transition Workshop.


Then my Mom said, `Okay, let’s go upstairs and find your table for the Craft Fair tomorrow.’

My table is #50. We found it!  My Mom said, `Okay, Mathalia, you have to remember! It will look a lot different.  After breakfast you come by yourself and you find Mom and Marilyn.’


And I did! Saturday morning I packed my lunch and pot holder bag and walked to the U-C and found my Mom and my friend Marilyn. Our booth was all set up and ready to go. `Thank you Mom!’

Marilyn sells Adult hats and Child-size hats. We had a fun day together. I saw lots of friends and sold lots of pot holders.


Grandma and Grandpa took us out for dinner at the restaurant! It was Chinese. It was delicious and a little bit spicy.

Mom was so tired. She said, ”Let’s skip Symphony and stay home.”

I said, ”No way! I want Symphony.”


I went by myself. Mom dropped me off. I gave my ticket. I found my seat by myself. I read the program by myself. I liked the music: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the  Beast. I saw my friend, Gingy. I said `Hi Gingy!’

After the Symphony, I called Matthan:

”This is Mathalia.”

`Hi Mathalia.  What do you want?’

`I want please pick up.’

`Okay, where are you?’

`I am at Symphony.’

`Okay, I will be right there. You watch for me from the window.’

Matthan brought me home.  Mom was sound asleep in bed.  So she got her sleep and I got my Symphony!  Thanks Matthan for the ride.

Sunday, I played games with Grandma and Grandpa.

Monday morning there was snow on the ground! It was crazy and I did not feel very good.  My Mom thought it was because I stayed up late to go to the Symphony.  Silly Mom it was not the Symphony it was the snow!


Missoula Transition Conference!

Sierra just finished her presentation about Depression and Disability. It was so sad. Now she feels better. She has a new house and a new job for speaking about mental health. I took pictures of Sierra. I like to hang out with Sierra and my Consumer Advisory Council friends. It was a fun Conference.


Wednesday started with a presentation about tools for independence at work. I like to present with Isaac and Theresa. I talked about my destination box.

Link to my PowerPoint that I presented in the workshop, Tools to help me be independent at Work:



Then I presented with Danielle, Sierra, Theresa, and Kim. They talked about going to college. I talked about things to do on Campus besides studying.  I work and exercise on Campus.

Link to my PowerPoint that I presented in the workshop, So You Want to Go to College:

Thursday morning we had our Consumer Advisory Council meeting.  I wore my Guatemala dress to show my friends.



In the after I helped with Show me the Money workshop. We played Bingo.

It was fun.

I presented with Tracy and Maclaen.


Link to PowerPoint for our Bingo game slide show for the worship `Show me the money’


My last presentation was my favorite. I was in the bathroom just before I was to present and the fire alarm went off!  It scared me—such a loud beeping.  My Mom had to come get me to go outside.  I hung out with Heather and showed her my portfolio.  She showed me her wedding pictures.  I love wedding photos: such a pretty dress!

Then it was time for the last workshop of the day. I showed my feelings notebook in Health Care Transition Workshop with Isaac and Kim.

I remember to drink water and go to the bathroom by myself. I looked smart and competent. I saw lots of Big Sky friends. I saw Weston who is a Senior. He will graduate 2015! I ate lunch with mom and old friends.  High School is all done for me.

We talked about Adult life choices.


My last presentation about my Feelings Notebook in the workshop:

Transition from Pediatric Health Care to Adult Health Care