Bison Range Friday!

Grandpa said, ‘Let’s go to the Bison Range on Friday while Matthan is still home.”

Oh dear! Friday is my day for Pilates. I want Pilates. I want Bison Range in


`Okay, Mathalia. We can pick you up after Pilates class on Friday.’

And then I changed my mind.

`I want skip Pilates.’

My mom thought this was a very nice adult choice!

So I got up very early. I ate a little snack and then Grandma and Grandpa picked us up.

We went to the restaurant. It was delicious. I ate eggs. I hope I feel okay.


Then we went to Bison Range. I saw snow on the mountains. I watch a movie. Matthan was silly because he was funny. I  took lots of photos with my camera. I showed photos to Grandma. She gave helpful comments: move a little this way or that way to get a good shot. We took a selfie. It was funny. Grandma’s first selfie!

I made potholders in the car because Craft Fair is coming up soon!

I took lots of Fall photos: yellow, orange, red, green, brown, gray colors; colors from leaves, grass, trees and sky. It was fun!

Then surprise Grandpa drove to Pete and Gingy’s house. Gingy showed me special place of grandkids’ toys. It was up a high ladder. Gingy helped me come down the ladder. I took a photo. I am not a kid. I did not play with the toys. I am an adult. I took a photo of the toys.

At home Mom said adult idea of delay gratification: 5 potholders and then photos and blog post. Yeah! I did it. It was a nice Friday. Next Friday I will go to Pilates.

2 thoughts on “Bison Range Friday!

  1. Hi Mathalia, Loved the photos you took on your trip through the Bison Range – the silly ones and the ones of the huge bison and the Mission Mountains with snow on them. They are SO beautiful. We can see part of the range from our kitchen window! It was so much fun to have you all stop by!!
    We hope you will come again when you can stay longer. Love, Gingy

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