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Bison Range Friday!

Grandpa said, ‘Let’s go to the Bison Range on Friday while Matthan is still home.”

Oh dear! Friday is my day for Pilates. I want Pilates. I want Bison Range in


`Okay, Mathalia. We can pick you up after Pilates class on Friday.’

And then I changed my mind.

`I want skip Pilates.’

My mom thought this was a very nice adult choice!

So I got up very early. I ate a little snack and then Grandma and Grandpa picked us up.

We went to the restaurant. It was delicious. I ate eggs. I hope I feel okay.


Then we went to Bison Range. I saw snow on the mountains. I watch a movie. Matthan was silly because he was funny. I  took lots of photos with my camera. I showed photos to Grandma. She gave helpful comments: move a little this way or that way to get a good shot. We took a selfie. It was funny. Grandma’s first selfie!

I made potholders in the car because Craft Fair is coming up soon!

I took lots of Fall photos: yellow, orange, red, green, brown, gray colors; colors from leaves, grass, trees and sky. It was fun!

Then surprise Grandpa drove to Pete and Gingy’s house. Gingy showed me special place of grandkids’ toys. It was up a high ladder. Gingy helped me come down the ladder. I took a photo. I am not a kid. I did not play with the toys. I am an adult. I took a photo of the toys.

At home Mom said adult idea of delay gratification: 5 potholders and then photos and blog post. Yeah! I did it. It was a nice Friday. Next Friday I will go to Pilates.

Day 3: Dedication

Another morning of rush rush rush.  I was very quick with my breakfast: rice chex, soy milk, mango, papaya and banana. Ron helped me get on the bus.  I was on time but . . . `where is camera?’

Mom was late but she brought my camera and everything was just fine!

Wednesday morning on the bus there was much excitement in the air! It would be our last day. Renee had prepared festivities and was trying to hide a very big piñata.  There was no way to hide the bed going down the mountain to the work site, to the new house, to the grateful family.


We worked on the last things. I helped with more measuring and with cleaning up: walking around and picking up garbage.  I also walked around with a bucket picking up little scraps of wood. Then I dumped the wood in the wood pile for the family to use for cooking. I took lots of photos.  We were all excited!

The family brought us a snack: a beautiful cake.  I had a little piece and I did not get sick. Later we had lunch and got ready for the Dedication and the party!

Pastor Bruce came and we had the Dedication.

The father, Ricardo, gave thanks to God for us and he prayed `We can’t pay you for this house for your work but the LORD can and will repay you.’

Leah read from Philippians chapter 1: Being confident of this very thing that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.’  I think she was thinking about the work of the house and the encouragement it would be to the family for the rest of their lives; it also fits for us—the encouragement that our experience of building it would be to us the rest of our lives.

Mike read a verse from Colossians:  Whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the LORD Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through Him. And he talked about the honor it was to have been here and how blessed we were.

I read from Psalm 27 because that is the Psalm I have been memorizing this summer:

One thing I have desired of the LORD

that I will seek

That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life

to behold the beauty of the LORD and to enquire in His temple.



More thanks were given and more prayers and then we did the piñata which was really fun!  Lots of photos and cleaning up our stuff: carrying the tools up to Brandon’s truck, giving away the last of the toys we brought, picking up our trash and then our final `goodbye’ and last look at the house before we got on the bus back to our compound.


Carousel with Friends

I went to the Pilates class at Campus Rec all by myself. I run errand on Campus . I deliver envelope to Lommasson Center. I call mom:


”Hi Mom!

This is Mathalia”

”Where are you?”

”I am at Grizzly Bear.”


Wait for me then.

We can take Bus#1 together.

I wait at Grizzly Bear for Mom.

I take photos. It was fun. Mom comes.

We walk to Bus Stop. I walk slowly. We missed Bus #1. Then Bus # 12 came. I asked Bus driver:


Well, I did not talk to him. I showed my destination card.

”Yes, Bus #12 to the Carousel.”

We walk to Carousel and take funny pictures with the mirror and pictures of the horses. I go to the bathroom.

Bathroom is all done. Oh no! Where is Mom. Mom is not here.

I look around. I am confused. Where is Mom.

A stranger said.

”Hi Mathalia!   I am Melissa.  I am happy to meet you!”

Oh okay. I meet news friends at Carousel. I said ”Hi” to Oliver and to Maysa.  I think I have seen Melissa and Oliver before somewhere . . . maybe somewhere on campus.  Maybe Melissa helped me on one of my errands.  Maybe. Who knows . . .

But where is Mom?

This is a problem. Mom is not here!!

Melissa was helping me think about it . What shall I do?

Oh! I have my phone I call Mom!  What a good idea.  Thank you Melissa.  I find my phone.


“Who is this?”

“This is Mathalia”

”Hi Mathalia.  Where are you?”


”What do you want?”

” I want Where is Mom”.

” I am by the river picking up pretty leaves.”

”Oh. Okay.


And I told Melissa: Mom is by the river picking up leaves. And we found her! And we picked up more leaves and took more photos.  It was fun hanging out with new friends.


Then we rode  the Carousel together. I shared a taken with Maysa. I paid the money. I like to go with friends. I wear the belt. I take picture of belt. I rode outside horse. I reached for the rings. I missed but it was okay. It was fun!

After ride little girl, Maysa, wanted Doragon Hollow park and slides. It was hanging out with Oliver and Maysa. I push Oliver on the swing it was fun!  Then Mom said `Bye, I have to run errand to the Library!’

Oh no! I am not ready to leave.  I want to play some more with new friends.  Melissa said, `I will give you a ride home, Mathalia.’

`Oh, Thank you!’

And she did!  Melissa did not know where we live.  It was funny!  She drove by our street.  She drove right by my house!  I had to tell her my address and point out my house.  It was funny.