Buddy Walk 2014!

I like to go to the Buddy Walk because I have Down Syndrome. I saw lots of friends: spinning friends, Big Sky High School friends. Lots of friends. And Grandma and Grandpa came too! It was fun!


I love to do paperwork. So I filled out the registration forms and my Mom wrote the check. New very cool t-shirts this year!


I took picture of bag pipe man. I took picture of balloons up in the sky.


We walked the Buddy Walk.  It was new this year. It was at a new park not by Splash Montana but by the Clark Fork River.

I took picture of face- painting and tattoos.

My mom asked ” Do you want face painting?”

”No, thank you.”

” Do you want to get a Buddy walk tattoo?”

”No thank you.”

These are my adult – life Choices! Face- painting and tattoos are for kids. I am an adult!

” Do you want to eat a sandwich?”

”No thank you!

Gluten – free lunch at home.”

”Do you want a banana?”

”No thank you. I wait for home. I like to sit down to eat lunch.”



At home I was being silly!

I took lots of silly selfies!

It was funny!

I like ” Buddy Walk” t- shirt about Down Syndrome.

At home after lunch I practised violin before I looked at photos and work on blog post.


Mom said, that is an adult-life choice too: delay gratification.

Whatever that means?

Anyway, we had another very fun Buddy Walk. The sky was so pretty and sun was shinning so warmly but wind was blowing rather cold! We did not stay long but we had fun!


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