Back-to-school is in the air! Campus is busy. My Dad is teaching. The Writing Center is open again! Lots of log-in slips for me to enter. Lots of students, lots of energy it is fun!


A couple of weeks ago, I went to a training meeting at The Writing Center. I met my new co- workers. I presented my portfolio–photos about my Adult Life and tips for helping me work well at my job!


On Wednesday, I packed my backpack with my task list folder and my water-bottle.  I forgot my key and my phone.  Hah!  So when I got home I had to go to our secret place for the spare key. I am the only one at our house who always remembers to put it back!  Anyway, work was fun. I have my own desk now with a little lamp.  Very professional.


On Friday Kelly had a back-to-School Party at her house! I was excited. In the afternoon after my adventure y Mom and I made Cashew-Parsley Rice and Gluten-free bars. I chopped the Cashews and I snipped the parsley.

I did everything for the bars except measuring the sticky honey. My Mom did that for me.



At the Party I was excited to share. My food with my friends. I got to try their food too! I was brave and said ”no thank you to Deviled- eggs and yummy bread and butter. I ate gluten- free food and I feel great. I took lots of pictures of hanging out with friends and eating dinner. I took a picture of Kelly cook dinner– she made a salad. Delicious!

Gretchen made a wonderful chocolate cake. I took some home to share with Dad.

It looked really good.

Gretchen is a good baker.


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