The Hills are Alive . . .

In the Summer I hiked the `M’ Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings with Mom. Well, I don’t really hike to the ‘M’ because I only hike to the first bench. At the bench we take a water and photo break. Then we hike down to the tandem bike. At home I take a quick bathroom-water snack break and then I take the Bus to my job at Bean and Boutique. The last Thursday in Summer was different. Work got cancelled and there was a big Surprise on the ‘M’ Trail: Tubas, flutes, french horns, clarinets, drums, trombones.


The whole U-M marching band was hiking the ‘M’ trail with instruments. Wow!!


My Mom starting going crazy taking photos, talking about seizing the moment and giving thanks that there was no work today!


` Do you want to hike all the way up the the `M’ with the musicians and listen to their music, Mathalia?’


`Yes! I want hear the music.’

`Okay. You have to hike fast.’

And I did! I made to the ‘M’ before the little concert started. We took lots of pictures and made new friends. Big Sky high School friend, Josh, said” Hi” to me. I did not recognize him but the recognized me! He said he had seen me when we were both high school students.

He said that he plays in the first row of the marching band. I will look for him in the Parade.

Then we hiked down the mountain. The whole event took 4 hours: hiking up, listening to music; taking photos; hiking down! My Mom thought it was a wonderful gift end-of-summer gift.


In the Autumn, I have  Adult Coached Swim. I am excited to see my swimming friends and get back in the pool.


2 thoughts on “The Hills are Alive . . .

    • Dear Debbie,
      Yes! It was a big Surprise. They have not been able to do it for 8 years because of fire danger. I will write about my job at Bean and Boutique.

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