Where are you?

I skipped breakfast because I was so excited! Andie came to my house.

”Mathalia, I like your shirt. You have a cute outfit.”

`Thank you. I like your shirt, too.’

I showed Andie Snap chat. Matthan had photo of airplane security. He made a joke about a bomb.  Andie set up ‘snap chat’ for her. Now I have two ‘snap chat’ friends!

We said ‘Bye’ to mom. We walk to Carousel. I saw Leah’s house. Her Dad is Math Department friend. I walked by a church. My phone rang. I did not answer. Silly Mathalia. My phone rang again. Andie thought I should answer

”Hi Mathalia,’ This is mom. Where are you?”

Silence. I waited. Andie helped me. I look for street name signs.

”I am at Beverly and Ronald.”

”Okay. I will catch up with you!”

Mom came and we walked together. Mom had to run errand.

”Bye Mom.”

Andie and I are walking and talking about Guatemala. ”I build a house.” My phone rings. I do not answer it. Silly Mathalia. My phone rings again. I answer it:

”Hi Mathalia. This is Mom. Where are you?”

”Hellgate High School. Gerald and Connell.”

”Okay. I will catch up with you.”

Mom comes and we are walking together. Then Mom got lost! Where is Mom.  I don’t know. My phone rang. I did not answer it. Silly Mathalia. My phone rang again.

“Hi Mathalia. This is Mom. I am lost. Where are you?”

Andie helps me find the street signs. There are lots of noisy cars. Mom cannot hear me. I have to talk loudly and clearly.

”Fifth and Higgins”

“Where? I can’t hear you.”

“Fifth and Higgins!”

” Okay. I will catch up with you. I will meet you at Carousel.”

Walking with Andie is fun. We walked by The  Big Dipper. ”Maybe next time we can get ice cream, Mathalia! That would be fun! Would you like to do that?”

“Yes!”  Of course, I would like to do that! I suppose that I would get sorbet instead of ice-cream because of the no dairy in my diet.

We made it to Carousel. Andie paid the money. I put seat belt on. I ride horse by myself. I call Mom.

”Hi! This is Mathalia. I want pick me up.”

”Where are you?”


” Okay I’ll come and get you.”

Mom comes.

”Bye Andie!”

” See you on Campus!”

” Have a nice weekend! And thank you for helping me.”

My Mom and I walked to the bus station. I found Bus #1 bench and waited. The bus driver knew me! He did not know my Mom! He dropped us off at our street NOT the regular bus stop. Special treatment because I am friends with the all the Bus 1 bus drivers!

At home I was so disappointed. I forgot to take a photo of my horse! I remembered my camera but I forgot to take a photo of my horse.  And I did not take a selfie with Andie.

Next time!

2 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. You did a good job of telling your mom where you were. I’m glad that you could spend time with Andie. I like your shirt, too. It’s very cute!

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