Building the walls!

Tuesday morning up early again and then `rush’ `rush’ `rush’ through rice chex with soy milk breakfast. I wanted to enjoy the fresh pineapple and papaya but my Mom said I had to hurry up!

`We don’t want to make the bus wait for us, Mathalia.’  Yes, but I had to have my camera!

`Where is camera?’

And then it was scramble scramble to find the camera. My friend Ron got on the bus with me.  Bus did not have to wait for me!

My Mom found my camera and then we were ready to drive to our house.

We actually stood on the cement that we had poured the day before. Wow! Brandon said that cement never stops getting stronger—-ten-year-old cement is stronger than five-year-old cement.  And the same can be true of our relationship with our sure foundation, Jesus Christ. He always gives more never less. I was grateful to hear this as I move into my second year of my Adult Life. Jesus was very strongly present and loving last year and I can only trust that He will grow more and more dear to me as I get older.


Back to work! I was helping Mark on the cutting crew: LaLinda and Sarah and I measured all boards, Mark cut them and we delivered them to the nailing crew.

Cement day is all done. `Cement is very strong,’ said Brandon. Jesus is strong: `The LORD is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear? . . . He shall set me high upon a rock.’  Psalm 27!  That’s the Psalm I am memorizing.  Anyway, the day after cement day, I build house with boards. I measure boards. I carry and deliver boards. Mark cuts boards.  I take a break. I make pot holders with kids. I take photo-bathroom – water break. I give teddy bears to friends. I eat gluten-free tortillas for supper. I listen to music and sing songs.

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