August is Shakespeare!

I love August because of Shakespeare in the Parks!!  I look at the brochure and write down all the dates for our favorite cities: Philipsburg, Superior, Hamilton, Charlo, Seeley Lake. Then when my Mom starts talking about being tired or too busy.  But I know! She can’t play any tricks on me!

Fortunately my Dad is around this year and he likes to go too.  He always has enough energy for driving.  I am very thankful!

On August 4th we drove to Philipsburg to see Romeo and Juliet. I love that play. It is so sad!

Dad drives to Philipsburg. We find Shakespeare in the Parks. I eat chicken salad for supper. Mom takes photo on iPad send to Matthan. I sit in chair. I take pictures of Shakespeare in the Parks. Romeo and Juliet go to the church. Tybalt fights Romeo and Mercutio. Mercutio is dead. Romeo kills Tybalt. Juliet is so sad. Romeo and Juliet in the bedroom. Juliet blows out candles. Romeo drinks poison. He is dead. Juliet is so sad again. Juliet stabs her heart with knife.


At the end of the play Michael, one of the actors, came up to me and said `Hi, Mathalia.’  Then he pulled two of my pot holders out of his bag! That is crazy! He carries them around with him.  They were all worn out!


Michael shows my potholders. Mom takes a picture of us. Dad drives back to Missoula. Sunset is so beautiful!


At home I put together a package of 10 pot holders for the actors. I wrote each name on one of my business cards and my Mom sewed them on to the pot holder.  I was all ready to go to Superior to see As You Like It.

They were all set up inside a school not outside in the park. The actor said it was called `Shakespeare in the Room.’ I am so glad they set up inside because during the play it rained and rained! Surely the play would have been stopped in the middle.

I gave the actors the pot holders and some of my favorite dessert:  gluten free bars which are made from peanut butter, honey, rice chez and peanuts.  Yum!  They liked it!

I wear very cute outfit. My friend gave very cute necklace. I pack car. I remember pot holders. I remember camera and water bottle. Dad drives to Superior. I give pot holders to actors by myself. I ate gluten-free bar, chicken salad and chips. I watched As you like It. It was funny. I take pictures of body, dancing, forest, pretty dress and lady. Dad drives home. I make pot holders. Mom reads book.


Now I am hoping that my Mom and Dad will want to go to Hamilton and Seeley Lake this week to see As You Like It two more times. I want to see the plays as many times as possible before September starts!

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