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Where are you?

I skipped breakfast because I was so excited! Andie came to my house.

”Mathalia, I like your shirt. You have a cute outfit.”

`Thank you. I like your shirt, too.’

I showed Andie Snap chat. Matthan had photo of airplane security. He made a joke about a bomb.  Andie set up ‘snap chat’ for her. Now I have two ‘snap chat’ friends!

We said ‘Bye’ to mom. We walk to Carousel. I saw Leah’s house. Her Dad is Math Department friend. I walked by a church. My phone rang. I did not answer. Silly Mathalia. My phone rang again. Andie thought I should answer

”Hi Mathalia,’ This is mom. Where are you?”

Silence. I waited. Andie helped me. I look for street name signs.

”I am at Beverly and Ronald.”

”Okay. I will catch up with you!”

Mom came and we walked together. Mom had to run errand.

”Bye Mom.”

Andie and I are walking and talking about Guatemala. ”I build a house.” My phone rings. I do not answer it. Silly Mathalia. My phone rings again. I answer it:

”Hi Mathalia. This is Mom. Where are you?”

”Hellgate High School. Gerald and Connell.”

”Okay. I will catch up with you.”

Mom comes and we are walking together. Then Mom got lost! Where is Mom.  I don’t know. My phone rang. I did not answer it. Silly Mathalia. My phone rang again.

“Hi Mathalia. This is Mom. I am lost. Where are you?”

Andie helps me find the street signs. There are lots of noisy cars. Mom cannot hear me. I have to talk loudly and clearly.

”Fifth and Higgins”

“Where? I can’t hear you.”

“Fifth and Higgins!”

” Okay. I will catch up with you. I will meet you at Carousel.”

Walking with Andie is fun. We walked by The  Big Dipper. ”Maybe next time we can get ice cream, Mathalia! That would be fun! Would you like to do that?”

“Yes!”  Of course, I would like to do that! I suppose that I would get sorbet instead of ice-cream because of the no dairy in my diet.

We made it to Carousel. Andie paid the money. I put seat belt on. I ride horse by myself. I call Mom.

”Hi! This is Mathalia. I want pick me up.”

”Where are you?”


” Okay I’ll come and get you.”

Mom comes.

”Bye Andie!”

” See you on Campus!”

” Have a nice weekend! And thank you for helping me.”

My Mom and I walked to the bus station. I found Bus #1 bench and waited. The bus driver knew me! He did not know my Mom! He dropped us off at our street NOT the regular bus stop. Special treatment because I am friends with the all the Bus 1 bus drivers!

At home I was so disappointed. I forgot to take a photo of my horse! I remembered my camera but I forgot to take a photo of my horse.  And I did not take a selfie with Andie.

Next time!

Building the walls!

Tuesday morning up early again and then `rush’ `rush’ `rush’ through rice chex with soy milk breakfast. I wanted to enjoy the fresh pineapple and papaya but my Mom said I had to hurry up!

`We don’t want to make the bus wait for us, Mathalia.’  Yes, but I had to have my camera!

`Where is camera?’

And then it was scramble scramble to find the camera. My friend Ron got on the bus with me.  Bus did not have to wait for me!

My Mom found my camera and then we were ready to drive to our house.

We actually stood on the cement that we had poured the day before. Wow! Brandon said that cement never stops getting stronger—-ten-year-old cement is stronger than five-year-old cement.  And the same can be true of our relationship with our sure foundation, Jesus Christ. He always gives more never less. I was grateful to hear this as I move into my second year of my Adult Life. Jesus was very strongly present and loving last year and I can only trust that He will grow more and more dear to me as I get older.


Back to work! I was helping Mark on the cutting crew: LaLinda and Sarah and I measured all boards, Mark cut them and we delivered them to the nailing crew.

Cement day is all done. `Cement is very strong,’ said Brandon. Jesus is strong: `The LORD is the strength of my life; whom shall I fear? . . . He shall set me high upon a rock.’  Psalm 27!  That’s the Psalm I am memorizing.  Anyway, the day after cement day, I build house with boards. I measure boards. I carry and deliver boards. Mark cuts boards.  I take a break. I make pot holders with kids. I take photo-bathroom – water break. I give teddy bears to friends. I eat gluten-free tortillas for supper. I listen to music and sing songs.

August is Shakespeare!

I love August because of Shakespeare in the Parks!!  I look at the brochure and write down all the dates for our favorite cities: Philipsburg, Superior, Hamilton, Charlo, Seeley Lake. Then when my Mom starts talking about being tired or too busy.  But I know! She can’t play any tricks on me!

Fortunately my Dad is around this year and he likes to go too.  He always has enough energy for driving.  I am very thankful!

On August 4th we drove to Philipsburg to see Romeo and Juliet. I love that play. It is so sad!

Dad drives to Philipsburg. We find Shakespeare in the Parks. I eat chicken salad for supper. Mom takes photo on iPad send to Matthan. I sit in chair. I take pictures of Shakespeare in the Parks. Romeo and Juliet go to the church. Tybalt fights Romeo and Mercutio. Mercutio is dead. Romeo kills Tybalt. Juliet is so sad. Romeo and Juliet in the bedroom. Juliet blows out candles. Romeo drinks poison. He is dead. Juliet is so sad again. Juliet stabs her heart with knife.


At the end of the play Michael, one of the actors, came up to me and said `Hi, Mathalia.’  Then he pulled two of my pot holders out of his bag! That is crazy! He carries them around with him.  They were all worn out!


Michael shows my potholders. Mom takes a picture of us. Dad drives back to Missoula. Sunset is so beautiful!


At home I put together a package of 10 pot holders for the actors. I wrote each name on one of my business cards and my Mom sewed them on to the pot holder.  I was all ready to go to Superior to see As You Like It.

They were all set up inside a school not outside in the park. The actor said it was called `Shakespeare in the Room.’ I am so glad they set up inside because during the play it rained and rained! Surely the play would have been stopped in the middle.

I gave the actors the pot holders and some of my favorite dessert:  gluten free bars which are made from peanut butter, honey, rice chez and peanuts.  Yum!  They liked it!

I wear very cute outfit. My friend gave very cute necklace. I pack car. I remember pot holders. I remember camera and water bottle. Dad drives to Superior. I give pot holders to actors by myself. I ate gluten-free bar, chicken salad and chips. I watched As you like It. It was funny. I take pictures of body, dancing, forest, pretty dress and lady. Dad drives home. I make pot holders. Mom reads book.


Now I am hoping that my Mom and Dad will want to go to Hamilton and Seeley Lake this week to see As You Like It two more times. I want to see the plays as many times as possible before September starts!

Cement Day!

Monday morning in Guatemala started a bit too early for me.  We had arrived at our residence very late and it took a while to find everything and get to bed. I did not sleep very long but I got right up when my Mom called. I did not want the bus to leave without me!

Brandon said: bus leaves at 6.45; breakfast at 6:00. You can imagine my Mom.  She was `hurry up’ this and `be quick’ that. I like to do everything in order and so we were both a little flustered.

`Comb hair!’

`Can you skip `comb hair’ today Mathalia? Wear your hat and then messy hair will be okay.’

Okay. Skipping `comb hair’ but NOT skipping my glasses.

`Where is glasses?’

My Mom scrambled around and found them.  They were in my non-work shoes, the ones I had worn on the airplane. At home I put my glasses in their case. Things get a bit mixed up when I travel.

`Where is camera?’

`Your camera is in your backpack.’ Well, that did not work for me. I wanted my camera in my hand. You never know when there might be a good photo-op.

`Where is hat?’  Somehow someway my hat disappeared. I had it on my head and then it was gone!

We rode a long time in the bus: highway then dirt road.

The first team went up the hill and our work site we carried tools down the hill.

Ron was so happy that we had a hill!! Last year he helped me hike up and down the slippery slope. This year our hill was not slippery because it did not rain.  But it was very steep. He loves to help me walk up and down hills and I love to have him do so.

Brandon introduced our family. I remembered the digging part to prepare the dirt for the cement. This time I learned a new job: measuring! LaLinda and Sarah showed me how to measure the boards for Mark to cut them the right size.

After lunch we started to pour the cement. Brandon gave his `work together as a team’ speech:   2 hours or 6 hours.  Somebody said we should try for 7. Hah! We did it in 2.5. The cement team:  Gabby, Renee, Leann, Mom and Billy!  Everything went very fast!

We were finished with the house floor and the porch floor by 3:00. Then we started to make the walls. Wow! Twenty people on a team really makes the house go up quickly.


We took the bus home, took a shower and then ate supper:  chili rice, beans, corn tortillas. It felt good to wash off all the cement from my hair and skin. Supper tasted so good because I had worked very hard.


Uncle Jonathan talked about humility for devotions and we sang songs. I like to sing `My God Reigns’ and then we went to bed.  So tired!