Hanging out at GUA Arrivals

Sunday morning I slept in a little bit but I was excited about breakfast!  We sat at the same table as we had last year with Uncle Jeff. Our breakfast was a little bit different because of my new diet: no eggs or cheese but I enjoyed fried plantains, fruit, beans and sausage. Yum! I also had tea and orange juice to drink.

Back in the room I worked on `Made Fair’ blog post. My Mom and Matthan took naps. Hah! I took some photos!

We packed up our stuff and discovered that our peanut butter was all gone. With some help, Mom ordered a delicious chicken salad, no gluten, no eggs, no cheese!

Now . . . here is where we made a big mistake:  maybe we enjoyed our lunch too much; maybe my Mom and Matthan got too deep into their conversation: sin and judgment!  Can you imagine?! Very very silly!!  We should have been on our way to the airport.

Maybe we got slowed down at Departures and finding our way to Arrivals. Who knows what happened?  Some how, some way we missed Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Laura and Team North Dakota by minutes or even seconds!  They were looking for us and we were looking for them.  They looked again and then they had to leave . . . and we looked all afternoon and evening!!

My Mom and Matthan were a little stressed until Matthan got a message from Brandon:  another bus at 7.30.  Okay, let’s settle down and have some fun and we did!!

We found a place to sit close to the bathrooms. Matthan took my pot holder loom and started doing crazy weaving. Pretty soon, I took over and did it the right way!  The people working at the coffee shops were not very busy so they started watching me. My Mom rummaged around the luggage, pulled out the second loom and invited new friends to try.

She sort of abandoned me so she could take photos. I suppose it was my job to show them how to make pot holders.  But I was more interested in watching new friends make pot holders. But they didn’t know how to do it! I thought everyone knew how to make a pot holder!  We shared snacks that Grandma had sent along. And they helped me practice Spanish.


At about 7:00 my Mom started looking for Casas’ friends. And then we waited together. My friend Ron came and brought a new friend Gabby!!

Gabby and I chatted on the bus all the way to San Raimundo. It was 10:00! Lori explained the rules: no toilet paper in the toilet; breakfast at 6:00; bus leaves at 6.45; the widow-maker showers; a little gluten-free supper and then off to bed.

Thank you Aunt Laura for getting my bed all ready for me!  I was so tired.



Finally Casas’ friends!

7 thoughts on “Hanging out at GUA Arrivals

  1. What adventures you had in Guatemala, Mathalia!! And your pot holders are certainly a great way to make new friends 🙂 Love, Gingy

    • Dear Debbie,
      It was fun! I am glad my mom decided to take the second loom. We didn’t bring amy loopers home — about 24 potholders!

  2. We were wondering what happened to you all when we arrived in Guatemala City! It sounds like you had a great time making new friends, though, so perhaps it was worth the wait 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

    • Dear Kerry,
      Now you know the end of the story! Today I will buy a new calendar August 2014- July 2015. I love to keep track of my schedule on my calendar. Today I make a power point for my presentation at church on Sunday.

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