No Fireworks this year.

My 2014 Fourth of July was a little bit crazy! I love the Fourth of July and Fireworks but I skipped them this year.

We had to get up very early for our trip to Guatemalan on July 5th.

My Fourth of July was full of doing laundry and packing suitcases. Fortunately Grandma invited us over for grilled hamburgers so we could have one normal thing for the Fourth of July.


Supper was peanut butter and then early to bed. No Fireworks for me! I got up on time, ate a very little breakfast and then I was ready to go.  My Mom was being silly packing and unpacking toys, snack mixes and toilet seat.  Finally at 5:30 Matthan said, `Mom, we have to go.’

I like traveling with Matthan!  He taught me how to play `Snap Chat.’ Make a silly face, `snap’ it to a friend and then the friend `snaps’ back.  You have to be very quick before the photo disappears.  It’s a silly game.

Matthan also showed me how to play `photo booth.’  I laughed and laughed at all the silly faces that we were making.


In Denver we left my Mom with her books and we went on a train ride. Matthan was ery mischievous:  he got on the train and then he quickly jumped off again. He said I was `too slow.’  When my Mom heard the story she was happy that Matthan was quick enough to get off and not leave me behind.



Matthan does not abandon me but my Mom does! Whenever we went to the bathroom, she would make me turn around to see where we had left Matthan and the luggage.  And then she abandoned me to find my own way back! I did not talk to strangers. I just walked in one direction and if it did not look just right, I turned around and went the other direction until I found my way back.  `Nice problem solving, Mathalia.’


My Mom loves to travel with me because with me, we can pre-board which means that we can get on the plane first when there is less rush and fewer people pushing behind us.  If our seats are not together, we ask people to switch and they usually help us out which is nice! My favorite part is the movie at the beginning and following along with the safety card.

On our flight from Houston to Guatemala City, we switched seats with a very nice lady from Guatemala. She showed us a movie about her work with immigrants in the United States.  And I showed her my movie about building a house in Guatemala last year. She was very happy about our project and she said `thank you’ for helping the people of Guatemala.

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