Made Fair!

The day  before the Made Fair I was ushering at MCT and my Mom was chalking lines for the Made Fair. I was Booth #92. She picked me up and before eating dinner, we checked out my booth space.

made fair2

X marks my spot!

In the morning it was so nice because Matthan took me to church and we were on time!  My Mom was a little late because she set my booth up.  And then more help came from Grandma and Grandpa while we were at church. With all the support I was able to usher at MCT, go to church and sell my pot holders at the Made Fair for the first time.


It was very a very fun day! I saw lots of friends. I saw swimming friends, Washington School friends, FFA friends, lots of friends. Many people dropped by my booth to tell me how much they like my pot holders!  Yes, they last and last through the washing machine and the dryer.  It was great fun!  We were under the tent and out of the sun and out of the rain. It was a great day! I love to sell my pot holders.


This time my Mom had me sell pot holders all by myself because I am an adult!  Usually she sits behind me and talks to the customers and helps me give change.  But this time I talked and I gave change on my own. It is easy:  with a 20-dollar-bill, I give three fives back; with a ten-dollar bill, I give one five dollar bill back. And with a five-dollar bill, I say `thank you very much.’  It is lots of fun to be independent. I feel smart and competent!


At home, after we had unpacked everything and put it all away, we were too tired and too hungry to count they money. So we ate dinner and went to bed!

On Monday I got up at my usual time and headed off to work at Prudential Missoula Properties and then to Oula Exercise class. My friend Rebecca came over for dinner on Monday evening.  And Tuesdays are my very busy day: hike `M’ with Mom, go to work at Bean & Boutique, go to Movie/Game Day, go bowling, call Mom and come home.  In the evening Morielle and Dad called from Xian, China! Wednesday night, after working at  The Writing Center, we had time to count the money: $100 dollars.  And do inventory to see how many pot holders I sold: 20.

I wrote a check to Mom and Dad for booth fees $55.00 and a check to Matthan for mission work: $45.00!  Then we took the money to the bank and put the pot holders back in the attic until the next market.  Maybe Matthan was a little disappointed in the amount of money, I don’t know. But I think it was a big success.  I had lots of fun AND I ran my booth all by myself!!


One thought on “Made Fair!

  1. What a busy week you had, Mathalia! The Made Fair sounded like a big deal and you did very well selling so many pot holders and doing all the financial transactions yourself! I’m sure that Matthan really appreciated your generous contribution toward his mission work.
    Now you are in Guatemala and, I hope, having a grand time with the CASAS house building! Say hi to your Mom and /Matthan for me. Someday we hope to meet your Uncle Jonathan and his family!
    I know you are having fun. Love, Gingy

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