Made Fair and Matthan!

Matthan is home!! He came home late Thursday night. I did not see him before I went to bed. My Mom said I would see him in the morning. And I did! I peeked in his bedroom and there he was sleeping! I was so excited that I found my camera and took a picture. Well, I took one picture and then a close-up with a flash. Hah! Not sure he really liked that but he was glad to see me too!

Tomorrow after church I am going to sell my pot holders at the Made Fair. I am really excited! This is my first time at the Made Fair. I have heard that it is a very fun fair.


As you know my brother, Matthan, just graduated from University of Southern California. He is going to go on a two year mission internship to the Middle East. Right now he is raising money so that he can go.  And I am going to help him by donating the profits from my sales tomorrow!

He helped me get started in my business by designing my business card and he made the sign that I use for craft shows. I am glad that I can show my gratitude in this way.

So the Made Fair is at Caras Park, June 29 10-5 p.m. Hope to see you there!


Summer Art Fair


2 thoughts on “Made Fair and Matthan!

  1. Hi Debbie,
    He will learn the language and work with college students on a University Campus.

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