Slide Show: Guatemala House Build

We have been working for months on the slide show about our house-building trip to Guatemala. Well, my Mom has been working on it for months! She worked on it before Spring Break trip; and after Spring Break trip. She worked on it before Graduation trip and after Graduation trip. After that, I got to start working on it which was really the fun part!

My friend Suzette helped my Mom select her photos. She has been taking a photography class and now she feels like all her photos are really bad. Suzette came along side her and encouraged her:

`You have some really great photos here and they definitely tell the story well.’

Thank you Suzette for encouraging my Mom! Suzette is a really great photographer and we went to see her photos displayed at Bernice’s Bakery.


Next step: little black and white photos everywhere! What a crazy mess my Mom made! She printed the photos, cut them out, laid them out on the table putting them in order.  Then she made little bundles for each day: Day 1, Day 2, up to Day 5 and home.


Then it was my job to match each photo in the pile with the photo in the computer and drag it up to the slide show.  This took a lot of time. I had to read the little numbers on the photo and then find it among all the Guatemala photos.  Some photos were from my camera, some from Uncle Jeff’s camera and some from my Mom’s camera.

We did one day at a time on the slide show. Then I prepared all the text slides and typed in the words for each day. This was easy. Next we had the fun of watching the slide show. As we worked, the slide show got longer and longer and more and more fun!


We showed it to Grandma and Grandpa.  They liked it. Their advice: too many slides and too fast, can’t look at the picture AND read the text!  Oh No! What shall we do?  Can’t delete our favorite photos!!

We did not give up.  We have two versions: a long one and a shorter one!

The long one is about 18 minutes and the short one is about 13 minutes.  They match the Guatemalan marimba music. One song is 17 minutes and one song is 12 minutes. Last weekend we took them both over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to see if they had any more helpful suggestions.

They liked them both! Grandma had to get a kleenex. Silly Grandma. Grandpa said that the `long and boring’ one is NOT long and boring. He said it just has more photos and shows more details about the trip.




This one is the short one: 12 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Slide Show: Guatemala House Build

  1. Nice slideshow! I like the music too, and I don’t think it was hard to read all the words. Just right! Now you’ll have to make a photo book, such as on

  2. Dear Michele,
    Mom says `thank you.’ She did not know where to start on book. On Saturday I get ready Oula dance class. Cantaloup is good. Build house. Antigua. eat breakfast. make potholders. Eat lunch with together friends. I am excited Guatemala again.

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