Fiber Fun Weekend!

My Mom and I drove to Great Falls for Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners Conference. We took a lot of stuff: my spinning wheel, fiber to spin, loopers to weave pot holders; all my Mom’s knitting projects and books ;).

We checked in and I got my very cool tote bag full of fiber goodies:  dyed fleece, felted pin-cushion braclet, a shuttle. I filled out forms so that I could show the things that I had made: my rug, looker-hooking trivet, and scarf my Mom crocheted from the yarn I had spun.


We hung out for a while: watched a movie, wrote a blog post, ate dinner and then we went shopping. I took lots of pictures of all the very pretty wool and yarn. In one big basket of wool, there was a surprise: very big eyes in a very little puppy.


Friday morning the hotel served a very fancy breakfast: gluten free bread, fruit and gluten-free bacon. I did not eat any of my gluten-free cereal or dairy free milk. The hotel breakfast filled me up!



Friday’s class was a very fast dyeing class. The teacher explained everything and then everybody just did it.  It is a good thing my Mom helped me because there was no way I would have been able to keep up without her.  Even with her helping, I was usually the last one.  It was okay. Together we competed four projects.

First was ice-dyeing.  I dyed a scarf, some yarn and baby socks. My Mom helped me wash and soak everything and place them on the tray and in the bucket. Then I put the ice on top.  She found 5 dyes out and told me to pick two: blue and purple.

With a mask on, I carefully scooped the dye and sprinkled it on top of the ice. I sprinkled purple and then blue. Then I put my tub on the floor. It had to wait for 24 hours.


My classmates started the next project while we were just finishing up. My Mom was listening to directions AND watching me sprinkle at the same time. This time I chose yellow and orange. I painted the cloth and then I placed shapes like bird, house, flower, butterfly on top of the paint.  A classmate found some sun shining through the ceiling windows for this project.


The next project was a bag and for that we needed the sun too.  This time I chose sunburst orange. My Mom helped me catch-up by finding stars and hearts for my shapes. By this time I was hungry and we were really far behind!


After lunch the teacher said, `Just one more project. I think we will finish early.’


My mom was so happy to hear that! I think the class wore her out.

The last project was the best: easy and fun! Just get the scarf wet, paint some dye on it, crumple up the plastic underneath and then wait for it to dry.

3 thoughts on “Fiber Fun Weekend!

    • Dear Michele,
      I will take a photo and post it so you can see it. I will write another post about the Fiber Fun Weekend.

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