Hiking the `M’ Trail

Adult life gives me more time to hike the `M’ trail. I hiked a lot last Summer and in the Fall.  Our first strategy was to hike up for 30 minutes and then turn around and hike down the mountain. My Mom tried to teach me about staying on the right side of the trail so that people can go around me or pass me or something.  It definitely works when I remember! I get so distracted by all the fun on the trail. Sometimes there are lots of kids. It’s crazy. Sometimes people talk to me and say `good job’ or something like that.  And sometimes I meet friends which is really fun!



My Mom thought I was too slow going down the mountain. So guess what I got for my birthday?!  Two pairs of hiking poles:  a pair for me and a pair for my mom.

The strategy we use now is that we hike to the first bench. Take a water and photo break and then hike back down. This is working fabulously!  The Grizzly Pool has been closed for a few weeks so we have been hiking a lot. We ride the tandem so that we don’t get a parking ticket. We put the poles into the bag and off we go. My Mom adjusts my poles to the right side and then she abandons me. The plan is to meet on the first bench for a water-photo break.


I hike by myself. My Mom says this is good experience for me and good exercise for her. She hikes to the bench and back down again, 3 or 4 times! Sometimes she is in front of me and sometimes she is in back of me.  But I always know because I hear her camera clicking.

When she passes me, sometimes she has to remind me, `stay on the right side.’  This is very confusing because `right’ is different going up from `right’ going down.  Now she calls it the `up side’ of the trail and the `down side’ of the trail. This works pretty well. Sometimes I forget or get distracted but it is okay.  My Mom said that people who hike the `M’ are usually very friendly. In fact we see old friends and make new friends on the `M’ trail. It is very fun!

Here is a photo for you if you don’t know the `M’ trail. The `M’ is very small on the mountain but really it is very big. I have hiked all the way to the `M’ with my swim team friends. They waited for me at the top. And my mom waited for me at the bottom. I was slow and everyone had gone home by the time I got down. Now I have my poles so I am fast!

My Mom is pretty excited about my hiking skills.  She want to hike up a volcano when we go to Guatemala. We will see about that. I will let you know!



The ‘M’ on mount Sentinel.


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