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Made Fair and Matthan!

Matthan is home!! He came home late Thursday night. I did not see him before I went to bed. My Mom said I would see him in the morning. And I did! I peeked in his bedroom and there he was sleeping! I was so excited that I found my camera and took a picture. Well, I took one picture and then a close-up with a flash. Hah! Not sure he really liked that but he was glad to see me too!

Tomorrow after church I am going to sell my pot holders at the Made Fair. I am really excited! This is my first time at the Made Fair. I have heard that it is a very fun fair.


As you know my brother, Matthan, just graduated from University of Southern California. He is going to go on a two year mission internship to the Middle East. Right now he is raising money so that he can go.  And I am going to help him by donating the profits from my sales tomorrow!

He helped me get started in my business by designing my business card and he made the sign that I use for craft shows. I am glad that I can show my gratitude in this way.

So the Made Fair is at Caras Park, June 29 10-5 p.m. Hope to see you there!


Summer Art Fair


Slide Show: Guatemala House Build

We have been working for months on the slide show about our house-building trip to Guatemala. Well, my Mom has been working on it for months! She worked on it before Spring Break trip; and after Spring Break trip. She worked on it before Graduation trip and after Graduation trip. After that, I got to start working on it which was really the fun part!

My friend Suzette helped my Mom select her photos. She has been taking a photography class and now she feels like all her photos are really bad. Suzette came along side her and encouraged her:

`You have some really great photos here and they definitely tell the story well.’

Thank you Suzette for encouraging my Mom! Suzette is a really great photographer and we went to see her photos displayed at Bernice’s Bakery.


Next step: little black and white photos everywhere! What a crazy mess my Mom made! She printed the photos, cut them out, laid them out on the table putting them in order.  Then she made little bundles for each day: Day 1, Day 2, up to Day 5 and home.


Then it was my job to match each photo in the pile with the photo in the computer and drag it up to the slide show.  This took a lot of time. I had to read the little numbers on the photo and then find it among all the Guatemala photos.  Some photos were from my camera, some from Uncle Jeff’s camera and some from my Mom’s camera.

We did one day at a time on the slide show. Then I prepared all the text slides and typed in the words for each day. This was easy. Next we had the fun of watching the slide show. As we worked, the slide show got longer and longer and more and more fun!


We showed it to Grandma and Grandpa.  They liked it. Their advice: too many slides and too fast, can’t look at the picture AND read the text!  Oh No! What shall we do?  Can’t delete our favorite photos!!

We did not give up.  We have two versions: a long one and a shorter one!

The long one is about 18 minutes and the short one is about 13 minutes.  They match the Guatemalan marimba music. One song is 17 minutes and one song is 12 minutes. Last weekend we took them both over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to see if they had any more helpful suggestions.

They liked them both! Grandma had to get a kleenex. Silly Grandma. Grandpa said that the `long and boring’ one is NOT long and boring. He said it just has more photos and shows more details about the trip.




This one is the short one: 12 minutes.


Fiber Fun Weekend!

My Mom and I drove to Great Falls for Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners Conference. We took a lot of stuff: my spinning wheel, fiber to spin, loopers to weave pot holders; all my Mom’s knitting projects and books ;).

We checked in and I got my very cool tote bag full of fiber goodies:  dyed fleece, felted pin-cushion braclet, a shuttle. I filled out forms so that I could show the things that I had made: my rug, looker-hooking trivet, and scarf my Mom crocheted from the yarn I had spun.


We hung out for a while: watched a movie, wrote a blog post, ate dinner and then we went shopping. I took lots of pictures of all the very pretty wool and yarn. In one big basket of wool, there was a surprise: very big eyes in a very little puppy.


Friday morning the hotel served a very fancy breakfast: gluten free bread, fruit and gluten-free bacon. I did not eat any of my gluten-free cereal or dairy free milk. The hotel breakfast filled me up!



Friday’s class was a very fast dyeing class. The teacher explained everything and then everybody just did it.  It is a good thing my Mom helped me because there was no way I would have been able to keep up without her.  Even with her helping, I was usually the last one.  It was okay. Together we competed four projects.

First was ice-dyeing.  I dyed a scarf, some yarn and baby socks. My Mom helped me wash and soak everything and place them on the tray and in the bucket. Then I put the ice on top.  She found 5 dyes out and told me to pick two: blue and purple.

With a mask on, I carefully scooped the dye and sprinkled it on top of the ice. I sprinkled purple and then blue. Then I put my tub on the floor. It had to wait for 24 hours.


My classmates started the next project while we were just finishing up. My Mom was listening to directions AND watching me sprinkle at the same time. This time I chose yellow and orange. I painted the cloth and then I placed shapes like bird, house, flower, butterfly on top of the paint.  A classmate found some sun shining through the ceiling windows for this project.


The next project was a bag and for that we needed the sun too.  This time I chose sunburst orange. My Mom helped me catch-up by finding stars and hearts for my shapes. By this time I was hungry and we were really far behind!


After lunch the teacher said, `Just one more project. I think we will finish early.’


My mom was so happy to hear that! I think the class wore her out.

The last project was the best: easy and fun! Just get the scarf wet, paint some dye on it, crumple up the plastic underneath and then wait for it to dry.

Hiking the `M’ Trail

Adult life gives me more time to hike the `M’ trail. I hiked a lot last Summer and in the Fall.  Our first strategy was to hike up for 30 minutes and then turn around and hike down the mountain. My Mom tried to teach me about staying on the right side of the trail so that people can go around me or pass me or something.  It definitely works when I remember! I get so distracted by all the fun on the trail. Sometimes there are lots of kids. It’s crazy. Sometimes people talk to me and say `good job’ or something like that.  And sometimes I meet friends which is really fun!



My Mom thought I was too slow going down the mountain. So guess what I got for my birthday?!  Two pairs of hiking poles:  a pair for me and a pair for my mom.

The strategy we use now is that we hike to the first bench. Take a water and photo break and then hike back down. This is working fabulously!  The Grizzly Pool has been closed for a few weeks so we have been hiking a lot. We ride the tandem so that we don’t get a parking ticket. We put the poles into the bag and off we go. My Mom adjusts my poles to the right side and then she abandons me. The plan is to meet on the first bench for a water-photo break.


I hike by myself. My Mom says this is good experience for me and good exercise for her. She hikes to the bench and back down again, 3 or 4 times! Sometimes she is in front of me and sometimes she is in back of me.  But I always know because I hear her camera clicking.

When she passes me, sometimes she has to remind me, `stay on the right side.’  This is very confusing because `right’ is different going up from `right’ going down.  Now she calls it the `up side’ of the trail and the `down side’ of the trail. This works pretty well. Sometimes I forget or get distracted but it is okay.  My Mom said that people who hike the `M’ are usually very friendly. In fact we see old friends and make new friends on the `M’ trail. It is very fun!

Here is a photo for you if you don’t know the `M’ trail. The `M’ is very small on the mountain but really it is very big. I have hiked all the way to the `M’ with my swim team friends. They waited for me at the top. And my mom waited for me at the bottom. I was slow and everyone had gone home by the time I got down. Now I have my poles so I am fast!

My Mom is pretty excited about my hiking skills.  She want to hike up a volcano when we go to Guatemala. We will see about that. I will let you know!



The ‘M’ on mount Sentinel.


June 1: one year of adult life!

Last year June 1, 2013 was my high school graduation!! Yesterday was exactly one year of Adult Life!! My Mom was crazy—she spent the day laughing or crying, silly Mom. I am happy to report that there is good progress with my Mom.

Yesterday she waited for me in the car—no nagging. No `hurry up, Mathlalia’s.’ We were late for Church, of course. Next Sunday, I am going to try to `be quick’ or ask for help.

At Church we read Psalm 100 and my Mom was being silly. I know Psalm 100.  It is one of the Psalms I memorized this year:


Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth!

Serve the LORD with gladness!

Come before his presence with singing!

Know that the LORD, he is God!

It is he who made us, and we are his;

We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise!

Give thanks to him; bless his name!

For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever,

And his faithfulness to all generations.

Then the Pastor made it worse by talking about the Apostle Paul: ` my strength is made perfect in weakness.’  My name, Mathalia, relates to that verse because it means: the LORD has shown his strength . . . through my weakness, the LORD shows his strength.

It was a very good sermon for my Mom: stop looking at the disability and look at the strength. Silly Mom! She keeps forgetting meaning of my name! I am glad the Pastor reminded her exactly on June first!


Anyway, this year on June 1st I played at my violin recital! It was really fun and my teacher said that she could tell that I was prepared and confident! This is because I have been practicing my violin.


I don’t always like to practice but I have been learning about `delay gratification’ which means: work first; play second. For example, this week I practiced violin and then I went to Oula Exercise Class.  My Mom says this is a very `adult’ choice.


I did it on Memorial Day too. I practiced violin and then I went ate hamburgers and played games with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma even had a present for me: a new puzzle.  My Mom said that I should NOT count on a present every time I practice violin. I won’t but it was a nice surprise cute cats watching a movie!

Anyway, the recital was very fun. Kaylie was a Senior! I said `Congratulations!’ Last people said `Congratulations’ to me. Senior is all done for me. Now I enjoy adult life. I saw my third grade teacher. She said, `Mathalia, your playing brought tears to my eyes.’ Oh dear, she is just like my Mom!

At home, I made my Mom laugh when I went outside to gather eggs. She said, `Silly Mathalia.’ I opened the door and one by one they all went out into the yard! My Mom chased them back into their hen run. She is getting very good at it!