Graduation Part Two

After the big graduation—the one where we did not see Matthan and the one where Matthan sat with the wrong school—we went to the School of Cinematic Arts. We wanted to meet Matthan and take pictures. But he was not there. We took pictures anyway—I was the star: Uncle Jeff wanted me to put my hands out in the shadow pretending to be a famous movie star or something. It was funny!


We walked back to Matthan’s house and there he was! I got to wear his lei and still. It was fun. My Dad and Uncle Jeff took a nap: Dad was tired from driving Uncle Jeff from saving seats at 6:00 in the morning! I ate lunch at Matthan’s house and then he left for photos with friends.

We went to the Shrine Auditorium for the next Graduation. In College you get two ceremonies in one day!! Pretty cool!  We were hoping to sit and rest in the air conditioning but the doors were locked: we scrunched up against the building to stay in the shade.


The Ceremony was very nice. I was listening and I paid attention when the speakers talked more about `adult life’ and about `feelings’ like disappointment.  They also talked about doing little things well and telling stories in movies. All very cool. My Mom said that I got the most important things.

Well, the most important was watching Matthan walk across the stage and receive his diploma. He was very small but we got to see him on the big screen.  I took a picture. It was fun!


After that we went to the reception at the School of Cinematic Arts. By the time we got there, the fruit was all gone so I ate a gluten-free bar from my mom’s purse. I took some photos of the food but I did not eat any. Dad and Uncle Jeff ate lots of goodies but I was very brave. I waited. Then we took some more photos around campus. Uncle Jeff found more free food: half a box of pizza! `Lunch for tomorrow,’ he said.

Pizza is not gluten-free. Matthan made a us a nice gluten-free supper.


I was very tired.  Matthan’s Graduation Day started very early in the morning. It was very hot. It was very exciting. It was very fun! I was exhausted!  Congratulations Matthan!


In the morning my Mom was being very silly: taking pictures of the hotel! Crazy! I guess she was feeling sad that we might never come back to this hotel again! We stayed in this hotel each time we visited Matthan because . . .  Now this is really silly. Because she knew how to get from USC to hotel. Well, this is not completely true because she has taken a few wrong turns these past four years but we never got in an accident: maybe it helped having a `Montana’ license plate on our car.

Matthan had all his stuff outside ready to pack into the van: bicycle, skis, books, boxes, lots of stuff. We said `goodbye’ `see you in June’ and we were on our way home again!



One thought on “Graduation Part Two

  1. Hi Mathalia, It’s me again! What an exciting (and tiring) Matthan’s graduation was for all of you! I just wanted to mentioned that I LOVED the blue and yellow outfit you wore to graduation. And your Mom’s peachy pink blouse and jacket were very pretty. Now that all Matthan’s “stuff” is home, when does HE get here? Summer is almost here. Have a nice one! Love, Gingy

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