Matthan’s turn: 2014!

Graduation  Day: May 16, 2014! I had put this date on my calendar in September. And it finally came! The Graduation Website to arrive on campus at 6:00 a.m. No problem for me to get up at 5:15 because I was so excited.  I tried very hard to be quick: I ate applesauce in the car on the way to Matthan’s house. When we got there, Uncle Jeff had already left for campus. He saved chairs for us.  This gave us some extra time: Matthan had made some nice breakfast sandwiches for us to eat.


After the quick breakfast, it was rush rush rush: Dad dropped us off with the car and then we started looking for Uncle Jeff.  My Mom was confused about his directions: groupie section @ statue’s 4:30 for 40 meters. Fortunately we saw him with his hat so it was okay. Uncle Jeff and I hung out together taking silly photos while my Mom walked around taking her photos.

At 8:00 it was time for a bathroom break. My Mom put me in line at the port-a-potties and told me to stay put and save our place. I was confused and sort of lost wondering what she wanted me to do. Some people in line helped me and then she came back:


`I found an open door Mathalia! We can get out of this line and use a bathroom in a building. It will be nicer and faster.’

I said `goodbye’ to the friendly people who helped me stay in the line and then I had to stay close to my Mom otherwise I would get really lost!

Then we saw Matthan! with four friends! We were so lucky! There were so many graduates walking around but we saw him! I took a really fast photo before he rushed off with his friends.

My Mom told him, `We are sitting very close to the School of Cinamatic Arts, Matthan.  Maybe we will see you.’

`No, I am not sitting with my School.  I am going to sit with the School of Business.’

Oh, okay. So we did not see Matthan again and we don’t know if he stood up with the Business School—we did not see him stick out of the crowd of graduates when School of Cinematic Arts stood up. 🙂


The speaker had a nice speech and I tried to follow it. He talked about `adult life’ about `feelings’ and about gratitude.  My Mom said that I got the most important points.


At the end, the President had the students stand up and said, `I warmly salute you.’ And then they read some Latin and Greek which was something about the Kingdom of Troy will rise again. I know about this because last year we listened to the Iliad on the road to Los Angeles during Spring Break. And I have a picture with Matthan at Tommy Trojan Statue.  We took this photo when he was a freshman. Now—with Graduation—there was a long line of people for Tommy Trojan so we skipped the Senior Tommy Trojan photo.

Photo Library - 05318




One thought on “Matthan’s turn: 2014!

  1. Dear Mathalia, LOVED the photos from Matthan’s graduation and it was so fun to see the one taken his freshman year in front of the Tommy Trojan statue – you both look SO much younger!!!
    Would you please ask your Mom to email me the dates that Matthan will be home before leaving for CO Springs AND how long he will actually be in CO. I want to send him a card and then our youngest son, Scott and his family, are moving back to CO Springs mid-July (he will have his PhD and begin teaching at the AF Academy where he graduated. They would love your brother and he would love their family!!! But I feat he may be off on his mission before they arrive 😦
    Love, Gingy

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