My Friend-Filled Weekend!

My friend Andie picked me up on Friday and we went for a hike! In the morning I did my May paperwork which means that I write checks. I remembered Campus Rec: my punch pass for Oula Exercise Class expires soon. My mom thought I could wait.

`No, I want Campus Rec check today.’  I put it in an envelope to be ready when I need it. I don’t want to miss any Oula Classes!

Then I got ready for Andie to come: fill water bottle, charge camera battery, find sunscreen. I was quick. My mom wanted to try to squeeze in balancing my checkbook. I do not like it when she tries to squeeze things in because then it is always `hurry up, Mathalia’ and `be quick, Mathalia.’  But this time it worked out just right!  We finished and then Andie came! Perfect timing.

We had fun, hiking, taking photos, looking at nature, being silly. My Mom said that is exactly what adult friends do together.




Saturday was Oula Class. My Mom went garage sale shopping with Grandma and I went to Oula on my own.  I got up early and was ready to go. As Mom was leaving she suggested that I practice my violin before time to walk to the Rec. Center.

`No, I don’t want to practice violin.’

`Why don’t you want to practice, Mathalia?  You have a recital today AND practicing before recitals and concerts is a very adult habit to have.  Think about it.’

So I thought about it.  When she was gone and the house was quiet, I decided to practice.

I told my Mom when she got home.

`Very responsible, adult-life choice. Practice to get ready for the fun of the Recital. How does that feel?’


`Smart and competent.’

I played `For the Beauty of the Earth’ and `Long, Long Ago’ with my teacher, Heidi. She said that I played wonderfully.  I love to play my violin for people.


Saturday night I spent with my friend Christy. She had on a new `antique’ dress and she gave me little present for my birthday: a very cute African animal.

`Is it a rinocerous, hippopotamus, giraffe, or zebra?’ my Mom asked.


Silly Mom, everyone can see that it is a hippopotamus!

After supper we did my new Birthday puzzle. My mom was sighing a lot and saying `I’m so glad you came, Christy!’ I have a feeling that if Christy had not been visiting, we would have not have finished it before bedtime.  I am glad Christy came too! We finished it, no problem!


My Mom is crazy about Dutch Blitz game so on Sunday afternoon it with Grandma and Grandpa it was Dutch Blitz, like it or not.

`You have to be quick, Mathalia. `Blitz’ means very fast. And I was: `blitzed’ a twice.

Grandma gave us present: our very own game so now we can practice at home and I can get really really fast. It will be fun!

At home after supper, I caught up on some emails and then I went to bed. `Very adult, very responsible,’ my Mom said. Adult life is always mixing a little fun with a little work.

I packed my backpack ready for Monday morning: work at Prudential and the Oula Class. There it is again: a little work and a little play.


4 thoughts on “My Friend-Filled Weekend!

  1. Hi Mathalia, Loved ALL your photos – from your hike to your violin pictures and all the ones of working on the beautiful puzzle! It reminded me of puzzles I did when I was your ages – always beautiful scenes!!! By the way, Pete and I played Dutch Blitz at your Grandma’s & Grandpa’s house a few weeks ago. We enjoyed it. I also LOVE Rummikub which we play with them (and, of course, Mexican Train dominoes 🙂 I will have to ask your Grandma to tell me the exact date of your birthday again. I knew it last year but forgot to put it on this year’s calendar. Anyway, it sure sounds as if it was a happy one. Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy,
      I love to write blog posts and I am so happy that you like the pictures. My mom is taking a photo class so she teachers me things too! I hope I will play Dutch Blitz with you some time!

  2. I think I know your friend, Christy. Is her last name MacDougal?? If it is, I’ve know her since she was a little girl. I knew her mom at CLC, our church. She probably doesn’t remember me or my girls, Kim and Kelli. You did make excellent decisions. I’m so glad you got to have fun out with Andi. That’s awesome!!! I’m very proud of you, Mathalia! Love, Debbie Johanesen.

    • Dear Debbie,
      I love to write blog posts! Christy helped my mom and me with my blog and website. Now she is a missionary. She writes blog posts. I will ask her if she know you.

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