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Graduation Part Two

After the big graduation—the one where we did not see Matthan and the one where Matthan sat with the wrong school—we went to the School of Cinematic Arts. We wanted to meet Matthan and take pictures. But he was not there. We took pictures anyway—I was the star: Uncle Jeff wanted me to put my hands out in the shadow pretending to be a famous movie star or something. It was funny!


We walked back to Matthan’s house and there he was! I got to wear his lei and still. It was fun. My Dad and Uncle Jeff took a nap: Dad was tired from driving Uncle Jeff from saving seats at 6:00 in the morning! I ate lunch at Matthan’s house and then he left for photos with friends.

We went to the Shrine Auditorium for the next Graduation. In College you get two ceremonies in one day!! Pretty cool!  We were hoping to sit and rest in the air conditioning but the doors were locked: we scrunched up against the building to stay in the shade.


The Ceremony was very nice. I was listening and I paid attention when the speakers talked more about `adult life’ and about `feelings’ like disappointment.  They also talked about doing little things well and telling stories in movies. All very cool. My Mom said that I got the most important things.

Well, the most important was watching Matthan walk across the stage and receive his diploma. He was very small but we got to see him on the big screen.  I took a picture. It was fun!


After that we went to the reception at the School of Cinematic Arts. By the time we got there, the fruit was all gone so I ate a gluten-free bar from my mom’s purse. I took some photos of the food but I did not eat any. Dad and Uncle Jeff ate lots of goodies but I was very brave. I waited. Then we took some more photos around campus. Uncle Jeff found more free food: half a box of pizza! `Lunch for tomorrow,’ he said.

Pizza is not gluten-free. Matthan made a us a nice gluten-free supper.


I was very tired.  Matthan’s Graduation Day started very early in the morning. It was very hot. It was very exciting. It was very fun! I was exhausted!  Congratulations Matthan!


In the morning my Mom was being very silly: taking pictures of the hotel! Crazy! I guess she was feeling sad that we might never come back to this hotel again! We stayed in this hotel each time we visited Matthan because . . .  Now this is really silly. Because she knew how to get from USC to hotel. Well, this is not completely true because she has taken a few wrong turns these past four years but we never got in an accident: maybe it helped having a `Montana’ license plate on our car.

Matthan had all his stuff outside ready to pack into the van: bicycle, skis, books, boxes, lots of stuff. We said `goodbye’ `see you in June’ and we were on our way home again!



Matthan’s turn: 2014!

Graduation  Day: May 16, 2014! I had put this date on my calendar in September. And it finally came! The Graduation Website to arrive on campus at 6:00 a.m. No problem for me to get up at 5:15 because I was so excited.  I tried very hard to be quick: I ate applesauce in the car on the way to Matthan’s house. When we got there, Uncle Jeff had already left for campus. He saved chairs for us.  This gave us some extra time: Matthan had made some nice breakfast sandwiches for us to eat.


After the quick breakfast, it was rush rush rush: Dad dropped us off with the car and then we started looking for Uncle Jeff.  My Mom was confused about his directions: groupie section @ statue’s 4:30 for 40 meters. Fortunately we saw him with his hat so it was okay. Uncle Jeff and I hung out together taking silly photos while my Mom walked around taking her photos.

At 8:00 it was time for a bathroom break. My Mom put me in line at the port-a-potties and told me to stay put and save our place. I was confused and sort of lost wondering what she wanted me to do. Some people in line helped me and then she came back:


`I found an open door Mathalia! We can get out of this line and use a bathroom in a building. It will be nicer and faster.’

I said `goodbye’ to the friendly people who helped me stay in the line and then I had to stay close to my Mom otherwise I would get really lost!

Then we saw Matthan! with four friends! We were so lucky! There were so many graduates walking around but we saw him! I took a really fast photo before he rushed off with his friends.

My Mom told him, `We are sitting very close to the School of Cinamatic Arts, Matthan.  Maybe we will see you.’

`No, I am not sitting with my School.  I am going to sit with the School of Business.’

Oh, okay. So we did not see Matthan again and we don’t know if he stood up with the Business School—we did not see him stick out of the crowd of graduates when School of Cinematic Arts stood up. 🙂


The speaker had a nice speech and I tried to follow it. He talked about `adult life’ about `feelings’ and about gratitude.  My Mom said that I got the most important points.


At the end, the President had the students stand up and said, `I warmly salute you.’ And then they read some Latin and Greek which was something about the Kingdom of Troy will rise again. I know about this because last year we listened to the Iliad on the road to Los Angeles during Spring Break. And I have a picture with Matthan at Tommy Trojan Statue.  We took this photo when he was a freshman. Now—with Graduation—there was a long line of people for Tommy Trojan so we skipped the Senior Tommy Trojan photo.

Photo Library - 05318




Road Trip California!



I love road trips! Matthan’s Graduation trip was the best: almost 2500 miles! Four days driving and one fabulous Graduation Day! I loved it. May 16, 2014 was Matthan’s turn and I was ready to celebrate!

Baccalaureate was 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. My mom said we had to get there early in order to get a seat. So the race was on: MSO LAX!


`Can you get up at 5:30 a.m. Mathalia? You can sleep more in the car if you are tired.’

I was up and ready to go. I even skipped my usual breakfast routine which is not easy for me but I wanted to be on-time!

I sit with the driver on road trips and I have everything I need with me: looper bag to make pot holders; book on CD’s and book to follow along—this time Pride and Prejudice; my feelings book to keep track of bathroom-water breaks, feelings and activities.

When my Dad drives, I make pot holders and I take photos. When my Mom drives, we listen to the book and I take photos. It is all very fun!



After dinner at McDonald’s, I fell asleep in the car. My Dad woke me up at the hotel and pointed out our room. Well, it was dark and I got lost so he had to come and find me and show me the room.  I barely got settled in bed when my alarm went off and it was `hurry up, Mathalia, hurry up!’

More driving. I took photos of the Virgin River Canyon and my Mom took photos of me taking photos. Good thing my Dad was sleeping: he does not like it when my Mom picks up her `point-n-shoot’ when she is driving.  Breakfast at McDonald’s near Las Vegas in a Casino: Whiskey Pete’s was fun.


All those `hurry ups’ paid off because we got to Matthan’s house in time for a picnic lunch and a quick nap before we walked to campus for the Baccalaureate.  We were early: the doors were not open so we had time to take pictures and be silly.

We found a fountain and started to pose like the girl in the fountain. I made a new friend. I said: `Congratulations!’ And she liked our idea of fountain posing.


Matthan was in time for the Baccalaueate. I told him, `I am an adult.’  He said,

`You beat me, Mathalia! I am NOT an adult. Tomorrow after my Graduation I will be an adult.’  Silly Matthan.

We took a `selfie’ at Chipolte’s. It is easy to go to restaurants with Matthan because he knows gluten-free and dairy-free.  I just add egg-free on to that.


We got to our regular Los Angeles hotel and I was so tired!  But we made it: we were on time for the Baccalaureate at USC!

Early to bed and early to rise: `We need to be on campus at 6:00 a.m. for a good  seat.’


My Friend-Filled Weekend!

My friend Andie picked me up on Friday and we went for a hike! In the morning I did my May paperwork which means that I write checks. I remembered Campus Rec: my punch pass for Oula Exercise Class expires soon. My mom thought I could wait.

`No, I want Campus Rec check today.’  I put it in an envelope to be ready when I need it. I don’t want to miss any Oula Classes!

Then I got ready for Andie to come: fill water bottle, charge camera battery, find sunscreen. I was quick. My mom wanted to try to squeeze in balancing my checkbook. I do not like it when she tries to squeeze things in because then it is always `hurry up, Mathalia’ and `be quick, Mathalia.’  But this time it worked out just right!  We finished and then Andie came! Perfect timing.

We had fun, hiking, taking photos, looking at nature, being silly. My Mom said that is exactly what adult friends do together.




Saturday was Oula Class. My Mom went garage sale shopping with Grandma and I went to Oula on my own.  I got up early and was ready to go. As Mom was leaving she suggested that I practice my violin before time to walk to the Rec. Center.

`No, I don’t want to practice violin.’

`Why don’t you want to practice, Mathalia?  You have a recital today AND practicing before recitals and concerts is a very adult habit to have.  Think about it.’

So I thought about it.  When she was gone and the house was quiet, I decided to practice.

I told my Mom when she got home.

`Very responsible, adult-life choice. Practice to get ready for the fun of the Recital. How does that feel?’


`Smart and competent.’

I played `For the Beauty of the Earth’ and `Long, Long Ago’ with my teacher, Heidi. She said that I played wonderfully.  I love to play my violin for people.


Saturday night I spent with my friend Christy. She had on a new `antique’ dress and she gave me little present for my birthday: a very cute African animal.

`Is it a rinocerous, hippopotamus, giraffe, or zebra?’ my Mom asked.


Silly Mom, everyone can see that it is a hippopotamus!

After supper we did my new Birthday puzzle. My mom was sighing a lot and saying `I’m so glad you came, Christy!’ I have a feeling that if Christy had not been visiting, we would have not have finished it before bedtime.  I am glad Christy came too! We finished it, no problem!


My Mom is crazy about Dutch Blitz game so on Sunday afternoon it with Grandma and Grandpa it was Dutch Blitz, like it or not.

`You have to be quick, Mathalia. `Blitz’ means very fast. And I was: `blitzed’ a twice.

Grandma gave us present: our very own game so now we can practice at home and I can get really really fast. It will be fun!

At home after supper, I caught up on some emails and then I went to bed. `Very adult, very responsible,’ my Mom said. Adult life is always mixing a little fun with a little work.

I packed my backpack ready for Monday morning: work at Prudential and the Oula Class. There it is again: a little work and a little play.