My Birthday: Part One

My Birthday started the day before my because I talked to Morielle on the computer: `Happy Birthday Mathalia! How old are you?’


`No, not yet! Today you are 19 and tomorrow you will be 20!’

`What did you ask for your Birthday dinner?’


`Oh that will be delicious with Chester’s beef. Have a wonderful day!  I miss you soooo much!’

Next thing we made scones to share with my swimming friends. We made a batch for me: gluten-free flour; applesauce, no egg; and vegan shortening, no butter. After that we made regular scones with eggs from my chickens and real butter! I helped with painting on the glaze after they were baked. My mom said it was important to make the gluten-free first when the kitchen was clean.

Tuesday morning Coach Helen picked me up for Adult Coached Swimming. I put the scones in the back of her car. We had fun at the pool swimming, taking pictures together, and eating scones. My friend Katie made me a Happy Birthday sign:


That’s me in the pink cap.


When I got home, it was back to the kitchen baking Birthday Cakes:  two gluten-free and two-regular cakes.  CRAZY! It was fun! In the middle of our baking, Matthan called from USC to wish me a Happy Birthday!


`How old are you?’

`I am twenty; nineteen is all done!’

After baking, my mom took a power nap. I was sneaky and took a photo of her while she was sleeping. I don’t think she noticed but she did notice the thermometer:  70 degrees outside.

`Mathalia this is perfect weather for a tandem bike ride. Let’s go for a ride.’

`No, thank you.’

`Mathalia! Come on! Let’s go! It is 70 degrees. We have to go! We will call it your Birthday bike ride.’

Well, when she said the part about `Birthday ride’ then, of course I wanted to go. We rode a long the river. And then my mom stopped and wanted to take pictures of trees. Okay, whatever.

`Let’s take some pictures of the trees now and we can come back later and take more photos.  We can compare our to see how Spring has sprung.’

She had no problem convincing me to take photos. I love to take pictures.


Birthday dinner with my Mom and Dad was sort of boring but I knew that more Birthday was still to come. My mom asked me:

`Do you want to wait and save opening ALL your presents for when Grandpa gets back from Phoenix?’


So after dinner she went downstairs to work.

I had to go get her: `I want presents!’

`Mathalia! I thought you said you wanted to wait?!’

She forgot that I say `yes’ to everything. `Yes, I want presents with Grandpa does not mean that I don’t want presents NOW! And so I opened my presents before bed. A nice day with more to come.


Happy Birthday Mathalia!

6 thoughts on “My Birthday: Part One

    • Hi Debbie,
      Yes, my cake was delicious! Even Grandma thought it was okay without eggs and butter.

  1. Your birthday sounded wonderful, Mathalia!!! And I really liked your photos of the trees.

    Happy 20!!!!! Love, Gingy

    • Hi Gingy,
      Oh thank you! I am glad you liked the tree photos. I want to go back again to see how the leaves are coming out.

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