Spring Break: California here we come!

Thursday morning early, we left. I had to miss Adult Coached Swim. It was a hard decision because I like to stick to my regular fun activities. In the end I chose California. My Mom and I hung out at MonTect while my Dad was at my conference. They gave us wireless directions so that we could work on China Posts. We brought our own breakfast: gluten-free bread and cereal and rice milk.

We were just hanging out, doing our work and one of the Conference organizers came over to us to give us lunch coupons!! Wow! That was so cool! We were not attending the conference but we got to eat in the Cafeteria with the other students. I made my own salad.


The hotel we stayed in was really big: I got up at 7:00, got dressed and headed to the breakfast room. I went outside looking around for the entrance of the hotel. I got lost. Fortunately, my Mom came looking for me. I was trying to be independent but this time I needed a little help because the hotel was so big and confusing.

Another blog post and another cafeteria lunch and we were on our way to California! Saturday morning after another hotel we were in Arizona and Nevada and I was missing Oula Dance Exercise class. `I miss Oula.’  Yes, you can’t go to Oula. Why can’t you go to Oula?’

`Because Mathalia is not here. Mathalia is not in Missoula.’

`That’s right! You are in Arizona right now.’

And so I was. I decided to make the best of it by making some pot holders in the car. And in between pot holders, I took pictures and listened to Persuasion with my mom.

Matthan was not home when we got to his house. I stayed in the car while my mom put Chester’s delicious Montana beef we had brought into his freezer. When we got to our hotel, I went right to bed. I was tired.

I got to see Matthan when we picked him up for church the next morning: `Squeeze Mathalia,’ said Matthan when I gave him a hug. `Squeeze.’

I loved his church because they read Psalm 100 which I have for memory: Make a joyful noise unto the LORD; Serve the LORD with gladness. And they sang a favorite hymn of mine `Be Thou My Vision.’ It was a very big church: Reality L.A. Church.

For lunch we went to a fabulous restaurant: gluten-free Ethiopian food!  Wow! was it good! I got to eat the bread and the noodles and everything  Matthan took my camera!

`Eat the bread. Don’t smile. Don’t look at the camera,’  Silly directions for taking a picture. Silly Matthan. He does not like my smile.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break: California here we come!

  1. WOW! Another set of fabulous photos, Matalia! They almost made me feel as I were on the trip to CA with you. It is hard to believe that Matthan will be graduating soon! Time certainly does fly by!
    Love, Gingy

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