Happy Birthday, Mathalia!

Today is my 20th birthday! Twenty years ago I was a baby girl! And now I am an adult. I have been enjoying Adult Life since June 3, 2013 when I graduated from Big Sky High School. Today I am thinking about my Adult Life Activities and giving thanks.

Last weekend I volunteered at MCT all by myself. When I was a child I liked to act in the kids’ shows. I remember that I was a Black Forest Creature in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I used to act for two shows and usher for 2 shows. Now, as an adult, I like to usher all four shows: 3:00 and 5:00 on Saturday and 3:00 and 5:00 on Sunday.  Most everybody knows me at MCT. When my mom comes to House Manage, people do not know that she is my mom. I think this is very cool, very adult.


On Mondays and Saturdays, I like to go to Oula Dance Exercise class at the University Rec. Center. I remember my Griz Card, my punch pass, my water bottle and my phone. A few times this Winter, I forgot my phone and then my mom didn’t come to pick me up. Oops! Now it doesn’t really matter because I walk home after class. I like it when I see friends on campus.  I say `Hi.’


I am working on Adult Talk:

My mom wants me to try to remember my friends’ names. `If you forget, just ask.

`Hi __________ !’

`Hi Mathalia!’

`How are you?’

`I am good. How are you?’

I’m a little slow but I’m getting it and it is fun. I am practicing how to talk about my Spring Break trip:

`What did you do for Spring Break?’

`I went to California.’

`Why did you go to California?’

`I visited my brother.’

`Where does he live?’

`Los Angeles.’

Last week I added a new activity to my life: Special Olympics Swim Practice. In high school, we took the bus to the YMCA for practice and our teachers were our coaches.  My mom took me in the car—next week she hopes to ride the tandem if the weather is nice. I met new coaches and new adult friends.



Mary, my new coach.

In my Adult Life I started a new diet so I can feel better: gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. During our trip my mom thought I was very mature and brave when I chose fruit and honey at the hotel breakfast instead of eggs and bagels. We brought gluten-free cereal, rice milk and gluten-free bread so it was not too bad.


I learned how to make a new kind of lunch: chicken, broccoli, carrots on rice and and put it all in the microwave. I know how to cook rice in the rice cooker and I use my pot holders so I don’t burn my hands getting the chicken out of the oven.





4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mathalia!

  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! It’s a great time to be born. My birthday is on the 10th. :0) It sounds like you are becoming a responsible young adult woman. I’m proud of you!

  2. Dear Mathalia, Have a VERY HAPPY birthday tomorrow. Wow – 20! You are no longer a teenager 🙂 The salad you made looks really yummy!!! I will have to try to duplicate it for Pete and me!
    Also, I know Mary, your friend at the “Y”. She goes to our church and is married to Travis whom we have known for a long time. They have a beautiful little girl, Kathryn. Have you met her?

    I’ll be thinking about you on your birthday and celebrate the wonderful Adult you have become!

    Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy,
      I had a very Happy Birthday!
      I will write about it later.
      I saw Mary again at Special Olympics Swim Practice today.

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