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My Birthday: Part One

My Birthday started the day before my because I talked to Morielle on the computer: `Happy Birthday Mathalia! How old are you?’


`No, not yet! Today you are 19 and tomorrow you will be 20!’

`What did you ask for your Birthday dinner?’


`Oh that will be delicious with Chester’s beef. Have a wonderful day!  I miss you soooo much!’

Next thing we made scones to share with my swimming friends. We made a batch for me: gluten-free flour; applesauce, no egg; and vegan shortening, no butter. After that we made regular scones with eggs from my chickens and real butter! I helped with painting on the glaze after they were baked. My mom said it was important to make the gluten-free first when the kitchen was clean.

Tuesday morning Coach Helen picked me up for Adult Coached Swimming. I put the scones in the back of her car. We had fun at the pool swimming, taking pictures together, and eating scones. My friend Katie made me a Happy Birthday sign:


That’s me in the pink cap.


When I got home, it was back to the kitchen baking Birthday Cakes:  two gluten-free and two-regular cakes.  CRAZY! It was fun! In the middle of our baking, Matthan called from USC to wish me a Happy Birthday!


`How old are you?’

`I am twenty; nineteen is all done!’

After baking, my mom took a power nap. I was sneaky and took a photo of her while she was sleeping. I don’t think she noticed but she did notice the thermometer:  70 degrees outside.

`Mathalia this is perfect weather for a tandem bike ride. Let’s go for a ride.’

`No, thank you.’

`Mathalia! Come on! Let’s go! It is 70 degrees. We have to go! We will call it your Birthday bike ride.’

Well, when she said the part about `Birthday ride’ then, of course I wanted to go. We rode a long the river. And then my mom stopped and wanted to take pictures of trees. Okay, whatever.

`Let’s take some pictures of the trees now and we can come back later and take more photos.  We can compare our to see how Spring has sprung.’

She had no problem convincing me to take photos. I love to take pictures.


Birthday dinner with my Mom and Dad was sort of boring but I knew that more Birthday was still to come. My mom asked me:

`Do you want to wait and save opening ALL your presents for when Grandpa gets back from Phoenix?’


So after dinner she went downstairs to work.

I had to go get her: `I want presents!’

`Mathalia! I thought you said you wanted to wait?!’

She forgot that I say `yes’ to everything. `Yes, I want presents with Grandpa does not mean that I don’t want presents NOW! And so I opened my presents before bed. A nice day with more to come.


Happy Birthday Mathalia!

California: Part Two

Sunday afternoon we hiked up to Griffith Observatory. It was really fun because we got to see the Hollywood sign again and the city Los Angeles. I took lots of photos in the museum of the pendulum and other displays.

Matthan asked me if I knew how to take a selfie.  Of course I know how to take a selfie so I showed him!

The only bad part about that day is that my feet got blisters on them from my new shoes. My mom thought I it might be really hot so she recommended that I take my stockings off.  Not a good idea. She felt really bad whenever we had to walk some where. And we walked a lot. Fortunately Matthan had some really big bandaids.

My mom put on a bandaid whenever we were going to walked a lot. We went to the Natural History Museum. We walked on campus too.

At the Natural History Museum they had a special display about The Silk Road which was very interesting because Morielle lives on the silk road. We could not take any pictures in this exhibit but there was carpet. Yeah! I took my shoe off and my foot felt better. After the museum my mom and I waited outside while Matthan and my Dad walked to get the car which was nice.


I stayed in the car when they went grocery shopping. I took my shoes off at Matthan’s house and walked around taking pictures of his roommates and of Matthan cooking with Mom helping.

We went to L.A. Live to see the movie, Noah The employee that took our tickets really liked me. She called me `Pumpkin Cup.’ She was so friendly that we took a picture together. The movie was really scary but I was brave. And of course, I took my shoe off during the movie.


Another walking and then sitting activity was going to Matthan’s classes. First we walked across campus: ouch! Then we went to the lectures. Tuesday night was Post Modern Film. My mom thought the lecture was interesting. I thought the movie was scary and sad: Life and Death in L.A.

Wednesday night’s lecture and movie were much better. The professor talked about `The Sound of Music’ and he showed clips from `Calamity Jane.’ Then we watched `The Pajama Game’ with Doris Day. It was really fun! I really liked that college class!

We walked back to the car in the dark, dropped Matthan off at his house, and then said, `Goodbye’ `See you in a month for graduation!’



The next morning we were back on the road headed toward Missoula. Yeah—no shoes except for bathroom breaks! I got home in time to usher all four shows at MCT’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I wore old, comfortable shoes. It was fun!  I also put a hold on some Doris Day musicals at the Missoula Public Library.

Spring Break: California here we come!

Thursday morning early, we left. I had to miss Adult Coached Swim. It was a hard decision because I like to stick to my regular fun activities. In the end I chose California. My Mom and I hung out at MonTect while my Dad was at my conference. They gave us wireless directions so that we could work on China Posts. We brought our own breakfast: gluten-free bread and cereal and rice milk.

We were just hanging out, doing our work and one of the Conference organizers came over to us to give us lunch coupons!! Wow! That was so cool! We were not attending the conference but we got to eat in the Cafeteria with the other students. I made my own salad.


The hotel we stayed in was really big: I got up at 7:00, got dressed and headed to the breakfast room. I went outside looking around for the entrance of the hotel. I got lost. Fortunately, my Mom came looking for me. I was trying to be independent but this time I needed a little help because the hotel was so big and confusing.

Another blog post and another cafeteria lunch and we were on our way to California! Saturday morning after another hotel we were in Arizona and Nevada and I was missing Oula Dance Exercise class. `I miss Oula.’  Yes, you can’t go to Oula. Why can’t you go to Oula?’

`Because Mathalia is not here. Mathalia is not in Missoula.’

`That’s right! You are in Arizona right now.’

And so I was. I decided to make the best of it by making some pot holders in the car. And in between pot holders, I took pictures and listened to Persuasion with my mom.

Matthan was not home when we got to his house. I stayed in the car while my mom put Chester’s delicious Montana beef we had brought into his freezer. When we got to our hotel, I went right to bed. I was tired.

I got to see Matthan when we picked him up for church the next morning: `Squeeze Mathalia,’ said Matthan when I gave him a hug. `Squeeze.’

I loved his church because they read Psalm 100 which I have for memory: Make a joyful noise unto the LORD; Serve the LORD with gladness. And they sang a favorite hymn of mine `Be Thou My Vision.’ It was a very big church: Reality L.A. Church.

For lunch we went to a fabulous restaurant: gluten-free Ethiopian food!  Wow! was it good! I got to eat the bread and the noodles and everything  Matthan took my camera!

`Eat the bread. Don’t smile. Don’t look at the camera,’  Silly directions for taking a picture. Silly Matthan. He does not like my smile.


Happy Birthday, Mathalia!

Today is my 20th birthday! Twenty years ago I was a baby girl! And now I am an adult. I have been enjoying Adult Life since June 3, 2013 when I graduated from Big Sky High School. Today I am thinking about my Adult Life Activities and giving thanks.

Last weekend I volunteered at MCT all by myself. When I was a child I liked to act in the kids’ shows. I remember that I was a Black Forest Creature in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I used to act for two shows and usher for 2 shows. Now, as an adult, I like to usher all four shows: 3:00 and 5:00 on Saturday and 3:00 and 5:00 on Sunday.  Most everybody knows me at MCT. When my mom comes to House Manage, people do not know that she is my mom. I think this is very cool, very adult.


On Mondays and Saturdays, I like to go to Oula Dance Exercise class at the University Rec. Center. I remember my Griz Card, my punch pass, my water bottle and my phone. A few times this Winter, I forgot my phone and then my mom didn’t come to pick me up. Oops! Now it doesn’t really matter because I walk home after class. I like it when I see friends on campus.  I say `Hi.’


I am working on Adult Talk:

My mom wants me to try to remember my friends’ names. `If you forget, just ask.

`Hi __________ !’

`Hi Mathalia!’

`How are you?’

`I am good. How are you?’

I’m a little slow but I’m getting it and it is fun. I am practicing how to talk about my Spring Break trip:

`What did you do for Spring Break?’

`I went to California.’

`Why did you go to California?’

`I visited my brother.’

`Where does he live?’

`Los Angeles.’

Last week I added a new activity to my life: Special Olympics Swim Practice. In high school, we took the bus to the YMCA for practice and our teachers were our coaches.  My mom took me in the car—next week she hopes to ride the tandem if the weather is nice. I met new coaches and new adult friends.



Mary, my new coach.

In my Adult Life I started a new diet so I can feel better: gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. During our trip my mom thought I was very mature and brave when I chose fruit and honey at the hotel breakfast instead of eggs and bagels. We brought gluten-free cereal, rice milk and gluten-free bread so it was not too bad.


I learned how to make a new kind of lunch: chicken, broccoli, carrots on rice and and put it all in the microwave. I know how to cook rice in the rice cooker and I use my pot holders so I don’t burn my hands getting the chicken out of the oven.