More Kashgar!

I want to tell more stories about Kashgar because the city was very fun! We walked around the Old City; we walked through it; we snacked at street vendors; we ate at restaurants; we took lots of pictures.


My mom was going crazy taking photos in the old city. She took photos of doors and animals we saw along the way. We stopped to look at a sheep in the middle of the street and the cute children.  She was so absorbed in the interesting city that she did not notice that my nose was running. I usually don’t notice either so she reminds me: `don’t you need a kleenex, Mathalia?’ This time the other mom noticed and gave me a kleenex! So very nice! Then we stopped to make friends, take pictures and admire their sheep.


Another time we walked by an outdoor tea shop. The merchant wanted to sell us some tea so he took a bowl, started throwing in different ingredients and then mixed them up: `it makes you slim and trim,’ he said.  Morielle smelled it and my mom bought it to share with friends. He was funny!


We found a restaurant row very close to our hotel. Each night we tried a different one. Morielle wanted to practice her Uyghur: `What kind of food does this restaurant have?’ And then, of course, she got to practice her numbers when we paid the money.  The last night we went to a Pakistani restaurant and her Uyghur did not help us; her Chinese did not help us either! Finally one of the customers helped us: he spoke English to us and Pakistani to the cook.  The dinner was the very best we had had so far: meat, curry rice, and fresh Naan bread. Yum!

We took our time and lingered over our last breakfast in Kashgar: so many different kinds of food and so very delicious. We walked to the bus stop and from there to the train station. We were early so we called Matthan on Morielle’s very cool phone. We took turns talking to him: `we miss you and wish you were here!’


When we got to Aksu, it was dark and we were tired. Morielle found a driver who wanted to take us to Ala’er. He had a big car for the three of us and he gave his other customers to a friend who had a smaller car. He was very happy to take us back. It sort of made me sad because I knew that our time with Morielle was all most all done.



2 thoughts on “More Kashgar!

    • Hi Debbie, I like the tea too! Morielle almost took it from me. ”I want tea.” I wait until it is not so hot.

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