Train to Kashgar

We got up early and ate breakfast at the hotel. Then we checked out of the hotel. It took forever because Morielle had misplaced the receipts and the receptionist wanted those receipts. Morielle had forgotten that Chinese people love pieces of paper! I don’t think she will ever forget because they did not want to give our deposit back. It was crazy. We were almost late for our train. It was rush rush rush!


And then at the train station, they found a mistake on Morielle’s ticket! Her ticket had the wrong Visa number on it. Her passport has so many Chinese visas it was a very easy mistake to make: into China tourist visa; convert to work visa; out of China; back into China tourist visa; convert to work visa . . . you get the idea. My passport has only one Chinese Visa so it was no problem.

We found our seats. And then we made friends with the people across from us. This means that Morielle talks Chinese and asks where they are going and how long their train ride will be: 51 hours! Then they ask her where we are from and what we are doing. `We are from America. I am teaching at Tarim University.  This is my `MaMa’ my Baba’ and my `Mei mei.’ I learned that little sister is `Mei mdi’ in Chinese because Morielle said it whenever we met someone new!


A short train ride for us: only 8 hours. This was before we learned how much fun it was to play Muggins on the train so we had to make our own fun. I worked on my feelings book and took a few pictures. My mom wanted me to help her take pictures of people on the train but I just wanted to stay in my seat.


She left us and went along the train taking pictures of beautiful people. I did not go with her so you know what happened?! People started taking her picture! She was not too excited about that so after a few shots, it started getting pretty crazy on the train: mom taking photos on her camera; other people trying to get her photo on their iPhone.


This did not last very long and then mom came back to sit with us. Morielle said that her picture was probably already all over Chinese Facebook:  QQ.

Anyway, the taxi drove us through the city to our hotel. I was very excited about Kashgar!

4 thoughts on “Train to Kashgar

    • Hi Debbie,
      Yes, Kashger was the coolest city we visited. I will post more photos.My mom said it was exotic.

  1. Very exotic. Like the middle east. I love the portraits your mom took on the train. Tell her they are definitely art!

    • Dear Michele, My mom was grateful for your comment. She wants to leave how to take better pictures. I hope She will teach me. Love, Mathalia

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