Guatemala Again!

I am all signed up to build another house in Guatemala July 6-12!  I will build with my Aunt and Uncle’s Team Dakota unless . . . a Team Missoula comes together. I wonder . . .

It all started with my Grandma and Grandpa! They gave me a high school graduation gift: go to Guatemala and work! I built a house for a family.  We were called Team Casas: my mom, uncles, aunt and cousins, and some new friends.

Monday morning we packed Brandon’s truck with all our tools; leveled the ground, prepared the foundation and poured cement.

Tuesday the walls went up and we poured the cement for the front porch.

Wednesday we hammered up the siding, put in electric, and worked on the roof. I took some breaks and played games with the children. And I had Spanish Lessons!

Thursday we finished the house and had the Dedication.

Friday we went to Antigua just for fun. I went on a hike with Ron, Kay, my Mom and Uncle Jeff. We also went shopping and ate lunch at McDonalds.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the airport. When I got home, I knew that I wanted to go to Guatemala again and build another house. I get to go again. I am excited.

Right now the plan is to go with Team Dakota but I want to ask my friends in Missoula if they would like to make a Team Missoula. It costs a lot of money: $8,000 for the house materials. And then each person has to pay $125.00 for room and board for the week; and airfare to Guatemala City: $700-$800 per person.  It is very expensive.

I get to go again because I am using some of my goat money to pay for my trip this summer! I was in FFA my Senior Year and I raised a goat, Kanga. I sold him at the auction for $2,400!!! I paid for my new chicken coop with that money and I used some to go to China and I will use the rest to go to Guatemala again. Newspaper article about the auction at the Fair. 

So, dear friends in Missoula, I wonder if anyone would like to join me with your time and/or money for a Team Missoula July 5-12, 2014?  If you are interested, please let me know by Saturday, March 29.

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