Hanging out with my brother!

hang out with matthan01

We picked Matthan up at the bus station for Christmas Break. He said `squeeze, Mathalia, can you squeeze your hug?’ I hope that I am getting better with squeezing my hugs. I had lots of practice with my sister while we were in China: she wanted lots and lots of hugs! Anyway, next week I get to hang out with my brother again: we are driving to Los Angeles for Spring Break!

In December he came to my violin recital.  I wore my Santa Claus hat. I played `Joy to the World’ and `O Come Little Children.’  Matthan was teasing me by playing with my hat. I am glad he did that AFTER I was all done playing.

We swam against each other at the Holiday Alumni Meet. We are both Alumni: Matthan swam for the Hellgate Knights and I swam for the Big Sky Eagles in High School. He did not really play a trick on me at the meet but he `high-fived’ me on his way back: he was almost finished and I was in the middle of the race!

One day Jourdyn came over to hang out and they invited me to go to The Hobbit movie with them.

`No, I want Yoga Class.’

My mom wanted me to change my mind:  `look at the schedule, Mathalia. You can skip Yoga Class today and go tomorrow.’

`No! I want Yoga Class.’

`Mathalia, don’t you want to go to The Hobbit with Matthan and Jourdyn. He is only here for a short time and now is your chance to do something with him and a friend.’

`No, I want Yoga Class.’

Mom kept trying  but Jourdyn heard me and said,  ` I think she really wants to go to Yoga Class.’

So I went to Yoga Class and they went to The Hobbit. My mom thought I was crazy. 

hang out with matthan04

We cooked breakfast pizza together with eggs from my chickens (this was before my egg-free diet). He likes lots of vegetables so we there was lots of chopping: yellow, orange, and red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and potatoes. Yum!

We played Muggins with Grandpa and my mom. Matthan `mugginsed’ me a lot because I was watching him and not paying attention to my cards.  This is the same way I played Muggins in China: watching friends not the game!

When I showed him my chickens, they all walked out of their coop.  He helped me shoo them back inside. He was not so nice about riding in the car with me: he was always very quick and I am usually very slow. He beat me to the front seat of the car! I ended up sitting in the BACK seat the whole time he was home! 

My mom asked me: do you want to get up at 3.30 a.m. to drive Matthan to Spokane?


`Okay. Then you have to get up and be quick. We won’t wait for you!’

And I did. And they didn’t wait.

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