Mornings in Ho-Tan

The morning after our very exciting sleeper-bus trip through the Taklamakan Desert, Morielle’s student, Christy gave us a toys of  her city, Ho-Tan. First we went to the museum. There was another mummy there and I took a picture. I used `museum mode’ so there was no flash but the guard asked us not to take any pictures.  Oops! So we have two illegal photos: mine and one of me taking the pictures.

After the museum my mom asked Christy to take us shopping.  She wanted to buy some fancy cashmere yarn from XinJiang.  We found the yarn shop but no cashmere. Anyway, we had lots of fun along the way. Christy wanted us to taste  XinJiang food. Sheep stomach was the first thing we stopped to try. Christy paid for it and Morielle ate it! My Dad took pictures; my mom had a little taste; and I made a new friend.

On the way back to our hotel and lunch we tried some sweets: sweet bar with walnuts and other things I don’t know what they were. Every time we stopped to buy something, we made friends with the vendors and then we took lots of pictures. It was very fun for everyone. We were having fun because we were trying interesting things. And everyone around us was having fun because they were watching us.

Christy’s mom made us a delicious Sichuan dinner. They moved from Sichuan to Ho-Tan ten years ago. They like Sichuan Chinese food better than XinJiang food. So the first day we were in Ho-Tan we ate Han Chinese food for breakfast, XinJiang snacks and XinJiang kabobs for lunch and Sichuan Chinese food for supper.


Our second morning, Morielle wanted to hang-out in the hotel until it was time to go to the desert ruins in the afternoon. So I went out for a walk with my Mom and Dad. They were taking pictures and I was trying to keep up with them: I had to follow them AND I wanted to take pictures too. It takes a long time to take someone’s picture: first I had to ask with hand motions because I don’t know Uyghur or Chinese: I show my camera and point to them. Most people let me take their picture. I took the picture and then showed them the photo on the camera. Then my mom would take a picture of me taking the picture and another one together with my new friend.

We did not go for a very long walk but we had lots of fun, taking pictures and making new friends. We saw lots of interesting things along the way. My mom said it was easy to take pictures of people with me around because I am so cute. Not sure what that means. I do know that I like to take pictures and I like to make new friends. It doesn’t matter that we speak different languages.

4 thoughts on “Mornings in Ho-Tan

    • Dear Debbie,
      Yes! I know all about cutting up animals because I was in meats. I cut up elk with Mr. Andres and FFA friends.

    • Dear Michele,
      Yes! I like that picture too. My mom thinks it helped having me along to take people pictures because I make friends very quickly. She says it my smile or it could be my beautiful eyes.

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