Snow Days!

The snow storm that hit Missoula brought many opportunities to be flexible as my mom likes to say! On Thursday Coach Helen texted me on my phone and asked me to walk to her house: she did not want to get stuck in the snow on Beverly Avenue. One Thursday morning she got stuck! Two nice guys stopped to help but she did not want to take any chances.

Friday morning Heather, at the dentist office, called: `Mathalia do you want to cancel your teeth cleaning appointment?’

`No way! I want the dentist!’

`Okay, please come in at 11:30 instead of 4:00.’


After we hung-up, my mom wanted me to change my mind: let’s just stay home in the nice warm house.

`No way!’

`Okay, we will go to the dentist but I am not driving. We could walk, ski or snowshoe to the dentist.’

`I want walk.’

Quickly I finished up my Friday paper work. Then, at my mom’s suggestion, I added some more clothes and she got the snowshoes out hoping I would change my mind about walking.

`No. I want walk.’

While I got ready, she went out to take care of the chickens.

It was very windy and lots and lots of snow.  Some sidewalks were shoveled but mostly it was easier to walk in the paths the car tires made.  My mom thought it would take us an hour to get there but I was quick!

Early gave us perfect opportunity for a `brush up’ on my teeth-brushing skills. Heather gave us a very cool model: not just teeth but jaw bone, skull, eye sockets, everything! We practiced in the bathroom.

Saturday was not quite so much fun: Oula Exercise class and ushering for MCT play, Peter and Wendy was cancelled. I was so disappointed! I did not believe my mom: `I want Oula” `I want Usher Meeting.’  

`I’m very sorry, Mathalia, but we are in the middle of a big snow storm.’  Well, I wondered if she was tricking me—maybe she just did not want to drive; I was willing to walk in the snow. So we called the Rec Center and I talked to someone there who told me that class was cancelled. And my Dad showed me on the internet that Peter and Wendy performances had been cancelled. Still I was very very upset.

My mom encouraged me to write some sentences in my daily notebook and circle `disappointed’ on my feelings page. She also suggested that I write about it in my journal:  `it is okay to be disappointed, Mathalia; we will hope that they will reschedule Peter and Wendy for next weekend.’  And they did! So I got to usher for Peter and Wendy on March 8 and 9 instead of March 1 and 2.

And I got to stay home, cook food, catch up on mail, read Sense and Sensibility and talk to Morielle on the computer phone.

4 thoughts on “Snow Days!

  1. Dear Mathalia, Your email came as I was putting photos I took during the blizzard into my photo album. Pete and I went down to get our paper and later the mail on our snowshoes. It was fun and good exercise. I enjoyed all your pictures!
    While I am writing I want to send our thanks for the dozen eggs from your chickens that your Grandma gave us. They are DELICIOUS – SO fresh!!!!! We are really enjoying them for our breakfasts. I will save egg boxes for you.
    Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy,
      I am glad you went snow shoeing. My mom was disappointed because I wanted to walk,not snow shoe. Thank you for saving egg boxes. My diet is egg-free now so we have lots of eggs.

  2. Sometimes we have to change our plans. It’s hard, isn’t it! You did a good job at adjusting. I love your snow hat! It has cute pompoms. You have a good mom. You know that, don’t you? I’m glad you survived all the snow that Missoula had!

    • Dear Debbie,
      Yes, Disappointment is part of Adult-life so says my mom. I am glad you like my Xinjiang hat. They had so many cute hats in China. My mom wanted to buy them all.

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