My Dad’s Birthday Present

We left Missoula on my Dad’s Birthday, January 7th.  I was very organized and was the first one to have all my stuff packed and ready to go. After about 2 hours sitting in the cold car, my mom suggested that I wait for her and my dad in the house!  She gave me a blanket because I was so cold. Later, along the way driving toward Seattle, we had birthday dinner at McDonald’s. I ate french fries, snack wrap, ice-cream and some coconut cake from our friend Gingy. My dad’s present was a little tripod for his camera.

He was not so sure that he liked this present until my mom started using it with the timer so that everyone could be in the picture. After that he liked it very much! The tripod helped us take photo of all the friends at all parties we had with Morielle and her students.  My mom always wanted a picture.

And we took the little tripod on our week-long trip.  Our trip started with a big surprise in the Ala’er bus station: it was a sleeper bus! We had just been to the bathroom but the driver suggested we pay another 2 Yuan and go again because we would not stop for 5 hours and no bathroom in the bus. Yikes! After that we were ready to go.

But how do you ride in a sleeper bus? I didn’t know! Well, my mom wanted to look out the window at the desert so she tried to `sit’ with me in my bed but that did not work at all! She was too big and the bed was too little. I was glad when she went to her own bed in the middle of the bus. Then I could settle down, buckle my seat belt, watch the desert go by. I wanted to get it right because it was my first time in a sleeper bus. I wanted to enjoy the ride. And I did!

We had a bathroom stop after 5 hours but we still had 3 more hours in the desert before we arrived in Hotan. Morielle’s student Christy helped us find our hotel and something to eat. We used the tripod on a little excursion we took in Hotan. We went back to the desert to look at some ruins and we were the only people there! The tripod held the camera so everyone could be in the picture: Mom and Dad, Morielle, her student Christy, Christy’s boyfriend, our two drivers, and me. I think it was a great birthday present for my Dad!

I think the little tripod was a perfect present for my Dad on his birthday. It traveled with us to visit Morielle in China and it came home with us to Missoula. We can use it for the next trip!

5 thoughts on “My Dad’s Birthday Present

    • Dear Debbie,
      Our trip was January 7-31. Now I am at home in Missoula. I went back to work. I want to write more blog posts about China. I had so much fun! Posting on the blog in China was very hard! My friend Christy helped from United States. I think I wrote 3 posts from China. They were a bit tricky for my mom.

  1. Dear Mathalia, What a coincidence! Tonight when I was talking to your Gramma on the phone and I asked her if your Grandpa had liked the coconut bread/cake I had made him. She told me there had been so much that she had given the rest to your Mom and now I was able to read “the rest of the story” 🙂 Fun! So glad your parents had that tripod for the camera when you were in China. Perfect!
    Hope all is going well with you all. I imagine you miss Morielle and that she misses you!!!

    Love, Gingyt

  2. Dear Gingy,
    The coconut cake was so delicious! My mom was giving thanks for it because She did not have time to bake a cake! Yes, I miss Morielle. I talked to her on the phone. I heard kitty meow. It was funny.

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