Morielle’s English Department friends invited us to a restaurant for lunch. I was so excited! It was XinJiang food which means Uyghur food just like ZayNur cooked for us. Morielle asked Jong to order lots of Kabobs. `Hurry up, Mathalia’ Dad was saying on our way to the restaurant. My mom was more interested in taking pictures along the way so it fell to my dad to help me keep up with Morielle and not get lost.

Mr. Fish and Mr. Lake were already there but we were not the last ones. Mr. Ma came last which was lucky for him: Mr. Fish and Mr. Lake insisted that he get the seat of honor next to my Dad. This was a big Chinese discussion but finally we could start eating. Well, first we had to drink a toast to us. This was little problem for me because I like to drink my tea cold. I don’t think anyone noticed.

The food kept coming and we kept eating until we were too full. I like the kabobs too but the pieces were too big. Morielle asked the waiters for a knife. My mom and I cut them into bite-sized pieces. Delicious! My favorite dish was something with lots of vegetables and short-little noodles. The noodles were the perfect size for me since I was still learning how to slurp the long ones. I did not need any help eating this dish. I ate noodles, beef, rice and gluten because gluten was in the noodles.

After lunch they talked and talked. It was funny to ear Morielle talk Chinese! Sometimes they talked to us and when they did they suggested that we all come to Tarim University to work!  Hah! I wonder if they have a job for me?! Mostly they talked business. Later Morielle explained that they were discussing the English Department students who were not very eager to come to class or very motivated to work on their English.

When the food stopped coming, the waiters started taking pictures of us with their iPhones. Hah! My mom thought okay if you take pictures of us, we are going to take pictures of you!  And we did.  It was fun! We took pictures of the kitchen and all cooks doing their work. I also got a picture with the owner of the restaurant. I said `ranchmand’ which means `thank you’ in Uyghur.

After that we walked to the museum. Dad pulled me along while mom chatted with Mr. Fish and Jong. For the first part of the museum we had a guide. He spoke Chinese and Mr. Lake translated. Dad was very interested and he listened to everything and asked questions. Sometimes they talked Chinese and had little discussions. Morielle said they were discussing about how much detail was really necessary for us. I did not care. I was having fun taking pictures and hanging out with Morielle and her friends. Morielle was a little bored but she liked hanging out with me.

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