My Third Breakfast in China

ZayNur, Morielle’s student and house-sitter, made my third breakfast in China! She is Uyghur and so very nice. She is getting used to my taking pictures of her cooking in the kitchen.

She put together my favorite things eggs and pancakes: thinner and more yellow than my pancakes. To eat them she rips off a little of the pancake with her fingers; rolls it up into a little swirl: no plate, no knife, no fork.

My mom ripped off a piece for me, encouraged me roll it up and hold it in my hand. No thanks. I did not like the greasy, egg-y feeling on my fingers. ZayNur found me a little bowl and a fork, and with a knife my mom cut up the egg for me to eat with the fork.

I liked the egg pancakes very much but not so much the style of eating. I don’t need to learn the new things all in one day. Instead of cereal or oatmeal Uyghur people eat this. It is called ` Poshkal ‘ in Uygher and ‘ Ji Dan Bing‘ in Chinese. My vitamins, medicine and my fruit made my breakfast a little familiar.

Then, I worked on my feelings pages. Morielle’s cats came to watch me and I showed ZayNur all the things I write down about my days: Morielle explained things like `exercise’ `exhausted’ and other English words ZaiNur did not understand.

For lunch Zaynur made Jiaodz. I helped her roll out the little dumpling wrappers. It looks easier than it is: `don’t push too hard, Mathalia, and not too flat.’

It was fun making them and taking pictures of ZayNur wrapping them up into cute little bundles of dumplings. They were delicious!

I used chopsticks for a while and then when we had to `be quick’ in order to get ready for Morielle’s church, I started to use a fork. I want ZayNur to show me how to use chopsticks. I am sure by the time I get home that I will be very good!

Morielle’s church was in a house just like my old church. There were some benches but my mom and I sat on the bed. Of course, I did not understand each word BUT I understood the whole service: singing, confessing sins, praying. Just like in Guatemala everyone prays out loud and at the same time. I prayed my own prayer in English.

Morielle told about my faith and baptism so I could participate in celebrating The Lord’s Supper. This was very important to me. I could tell that my mom was having `cleanliness issues’ but she got over it because she wanted to come together as one in the body of Christ. Later she said, `God will have to take care of the germs part.’ 🙂

I understood The Lord’s Prayer in Chinese but I said it in English with a soft voice. No one noticed the difference. My mom was `giving thanks’ as she likes to do.

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