My Second Breakfast in China

My Second Breakfast in China came after my second night’s sleep in China, of course. The second night my parents chose `stress-free’ hotel. They chose `stress-free’ sightseeing and then `stress-free’ sleeping. Hah!

We arrived in Urumqi, picked up our bags and went outside looking for a taxi. Some taxi drivers talked to them. They looked at the three of us and all our stuff and said: 300 Yuan. My dad said, `Let’s get out of here. I am not going to let another drive take advantage of us.’

We pushed through the big quilt doors again having felt the very cold Urumqi night air less than 10 minutes.
My parents were thrilled with the accommodations: no armrests on the benches, dark and quiet space on the second floor. My mom and I did the bathroom, brush-teeth thing with our own water- bottle. My mom `gave thanks’ for the water cooler with drinking water next to bathroom.

We settled down with our airplane pillows, our eye-masks, and our coats for blankets. We slept from 1:30 until the security officers woke us up at 4:00 a.m. We did not understand their words but we understood their pointing. So we went to another place that was more crowded. This time the Chinese loudspeaker woke us up.

After our morning bathroom routine my mom continued to `give thanks.’ She was thankful to find hot water so she could make coffee with Costco coffee packets. My parents chose rice for breakfast instead of noodles because we needed to be quick in order to catch our flight to Aksu. I liked the rice with egg and my Dad liked the little bits of meat. It came with a big `Chinese’ spoon so eating was easy and quick.

My mom and I used the bathroom again and my dad was calling to us to `be quick’ because they are boarding our flight. Thankfully this time we got in and out without any drama. We walked outside through quilt doors to a bus. The bus took us to the airplane. We were on time. They did not wait for us. In fact we were not the last ones on the plane!

On the flight we got some more breakfast: water bottles and Chinese cookies. So my second breakfast in China came with a dessert! Chinese flights are a lot nicer that in the United States: you don’t need to eat before you get on the plane.

In Aksu my mom was excitedly taking pictures of the plane and walking through the quilted doors. Then we started to look for Morielle. And there she was waving at us!!

Again we used the bathroom before going to the car. This was a real Chinese bathroom: no toilet seat, no toilet paper, no soap for washing hands. My mom said the Chinese style of squatting is really cleaner than ours but that we need to remember to bring our own toilet paper.

`Don’t worry Mathalia, we will get used to it and Morielle will help us!

3 thoughts on “My Second Breakfast in China

  1. Yes, I hope you got a picture of a quilt door. And why did you have to sleep on a bench? What is stress-free sightseeing and sleeping?

    • Dear Michele,
      My parents thought 300 yuan for taxi to hotel for 6 hours was too much money. So we slept at the airport. The same in BeiJing–too stressful to go into the city so we stayed at airport and watched people.

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