My First Breakfast in China

My first breakfast in China: noodles with green vegetables, little bits of meat and other things Chinese.

We got to the hotel very late Beijing time. I don’t know what Missoula time was but I was very tired. I skipped a shower and my mom helped me with brushing my teeth, just like in Guatemala: water bottle into the bathroom for rinsing and swishing. The hot pot in the room made her very happy because teeth brushing had used up all our water-bottle water.

My parents decided NOT to go into the city for breakfast. I got a real Chinese breakfast in a real Chinese restaurant! It was sort of like a breakfast at a Comfort Inn but not really because there was a lot of pointing and smiling: instead of cold cereal, I got hot noodles; instead of a fork, I got chopsticks.

I was watching the Chinese people eat their noodles. My dad tied to show me how to slurp them up too. When this was not going so well, our new friends brought me a very cool Chinese spoon. This helped me eat the soup the part but I still could not manage the noodles. Everyone was watching me. They noticed that I was having trouble and they wanted to help. The next thing they brought was a little bowl and a fork.

My mom used all the tools available: chopsticks to move noodles from big bowl to little bowl; fork to cut the noodles shorter; and the spoon for me! I enjoyed a very delicious breakfast.

My dad was curious about everything: Chinese bread and Chinese sweet potatoes cooking by the fire. I was very curious about everything too: looking around the restaurant. Breakfast took a long time.

After that there was lots of talking and picture taking. My mom made a pot holder while I was eating so slowly. I was very happy because even though I didn’t make it myself, I could give it to the cook. After breakfast we packed up our stuff and went back to the airport.

Sightseeing in Beijing was all done! My parents chose less stress and Morielle agreed: save the sightseeing for the Taklamakan Desert, Hotan and Kashgar.

Not much excitement in the Beijing Airport until just before we got on the plane for Urumqi. My mom and I went to the bathroom and then we couldn’t get out! My mom was trying to turn the knob.

Outside in the hallway, my dad was out calling to us: `hurry up! Hurry up! They are boarding for Urumqi!’

Finally my mom called out in English: `Help! Help! We need help!’

And someone helped us. We don’t know who: there was a whole crowd of women laughing with us when we stepped out of the stall. Everything was okay we were on time for our flight. I was `scared and frightened.’ And then I was `brave.’ We were moving closer to Morielle!

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